Clone High

Season 1 Episode 11

Snowflake Day: A Very Special Holiday Episode

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Jan 26, 2003 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

The opening music is changed slightly for this episode; There is church bells ringing in the background, making the song sound more festive and Christmas-like.

The show begins by notation that it is "A Very Special Clone High Snowflake Day Special". Several citizens of the small-town of Exclamation! are out enjoying the winter, by playing having a snowball fight, carolling, and enjoying a bottle of eggnog.

Scudworth is in his office, writing a holiday letter to his close contacts. Scudworth reveals that the United Nations abolished religious holidays and created a universal holiday called Snowflake day.

Outside, Joan looks unhappy. Gandhi appears, and is excited about receiving his Snowflake Day. Gandhi leaves, to watch the ceremonial lighting of the Snowman. Joan and Cleo arrive, both eating lamb-tacos. Joan acts unhappy. Cleo tells Joan that Joan is going to be the cracker-girl at Cleo's Snowflake Day party, and that Joan has to act happy. Abe brings up the exchange of Snowflake care-satchels. Cleo tells Abe that she wants a big, expensive gift. Abe tells Cleo that he has the perfect idea for her gift.

In the hallway, Abe reveals to Gandhi that he needs money to get Cleo an expensive gift. Abe decides to get a job, and Gandhi also decides to get a job.

JFK is in his recording studio. JFK's gay foster-dads are helping JFK record his annual Snowflake Day album.

In the shopping mall's food court, Abe and Gandhi have gotten jobs at T.G.I. Chili's. Abe is in the back, washing dishes, and Gandhi is a busboy. Gandhi is getting upset with his job, mostly because the customers ask for different cutlery twice, and Gandhi has to make two trips. Napoleon Bonaparte, who is their manager, yells at Abe to clean faster and Gandhi to go do the Sombrero dance for a customer. A nude Gandhi, wearing a flaming Snowflake Sombrero hat, enters the restaurant, and runs back on fire. Abe drops a glass, and Napoleon tells Abe to eat it. Abe eats the glass, and his mouth gets bloody. While Abe is distracted, the garbage disposal twists together a fork and a knife, creating a single utensil. Gandhi picks up the fork-knife, tells Abe that they can be millionaires, if they both quit right away. Abe tells Gandhi he'll consider it.

Joan is also working in the shopping mall, as Snowflake Jake's little-helper. Snowflake Jake is similiar to Santa Claus in many ways, because he has a beard and brings people gifts. Snowflake Jake is also a pirate, with a candy-cane hook, a sword, an eye-patch, a peg-leg, and his gifts are a wide variety of spices. Snowflake Jake is taken hostage by a child, demanded cumin. Snowflake Jake promises the child his spices, before threatening the child's grandparents. Joan obviously hates her job, which includes emptying a bucket of fish remains in a dumpster outside.

Joan reveals, in the alleyway, that she hates Snowflake Day. The Mandy Moore-hobo appears in the dumpster. Mandy Moore tells Joan to help spread the Snowflake Day spirit, and Joan says Snowflake Day is bad. Joan explains that Snowflake Day was made up by the Greeting Card industries, who try to shoot Joan from a nearby rooftop. Mandy Moore asks Joan for some money. Joan devises a plan to sabotage Snowflake Day, and leaves.

In Scudworth's office, Scudworth continues to write his holiday letter, which includes all of his recent diseases, moles, and warts.

In a science lab, Abe and Gandhi have built a utensil that is half-knife, half-fork. Upon trial, Abe cuts his cheek on the knife. Abe suggests developing the knife further. Later, the knife-fork is slightly unwieldy, but Abe and Gandhi are still thinking up new ideas to make it better. Even later, their simple utensil has ballooned out into a coal-powered backpack, with the knife-fork attached via the end of a hose, and activated through both a trigger and a foot-pedal. After brainstorming on ideas, Abe and Gandhi agree to call it a knork.

At Cleo's house, Toots is watching a plasticine holiday special called 'Snowflake Jake Saves Snowflake Day.' The cartoon involves Jake, about to execute the holiday mascots of three different religions, pirate-style. The mascots realize that specificity be the enemy of unity. All four mascots begin cabbage-patching.

Joan, who is putting razor blades in the bite-sized weiners, gets angry at Toots for watching a Snowflake Day-related program. The Greeting Card companies again try to shoot Joan, but miss. Toots asks Joan if she's losing her Snowflake Day spirit. Joan tells Toots that she isn't coming to Cleo's Snowflake Day party, but she is planning on including garlic gum in the festivities. Cleo tells Joan that she has to come, because Joan is serving crackers.

An advertisement appears on the television, for 'JFK Sings the Snowflake Day Hits'. At the mall, Abe and Gahndi see JFK's ad, and develop a marketing ploy; From a cart, Gandhi brags about the usefulness of the knork, while Abe pretends to be an enthusiastic member of the audience. The plan backfires when Abe, dressed as a child, is attacked by the knork, and sends giant waves of blood shooting everywhere.

At Cleo's house, Joan is putting itching powder on the ceremonial eye-patches. Toots asks Joan if she is trying to sabotage the party. Joan repeats her declaration of hatred for Snowflake Day, and the Greeting Card companies shoot twice more at Joan, missing both times. Cleo and Cleo's drunk foster-mom decide Joan is acting badly. Joan leaves, claiming that she's running away. The Mandy Moore-hobo is standing outside Cleo's house, watching as Joan leaves, and realizes that Joan has lost her Snowflake Day spirit.

In Scudworth's office, Scudworth continues his holiday letter, which now includes how he passed a stone.

In an alleyway, the Mandy Moore-hobo tells Joan that she knows that Joan is running away after sabotaging Cleo's Snowflake Day party. Joan vents about hating Cleo because she is dating Abe. Mandy Moore tells Joan that her family misses her.

Toots is outside, wandering around in a snowy forest. Toots is yelling for Joan, which unfortunately attracts the attention of fierce mountain lion, who attacks Toots. Toots, being visually impaired, mistakes the mountain lion for Joan.

In the alleyway, the Mandy Moore-hobo offers to show Joan something about Snowflake Day, which will hopefully also reveal something about Joan too. Joan accepts.

In an alleyway, Abe and Gandhi throw into a dumpster their failed get-rich-quick scheme, the knork. Gandhi suggests Abe make Cleo something of emotional value.

Somewhere, Abe assembles a heart-felt gift for Cleo. It is a booklet, shaped in Cleo's silhouette, and it is made with construction paper, macaroni, pipe cleaners, glue and glitter. Judging from the background clock, Cleo's gift takes a very long time to make.

The Mandy Moore-hobo takes Joan to the burnt-out remains of Joan's old house, which is now infested with homeless gypsies. The homeless people are happy and celebrating Snowflake Day. Mandy Moore's message to Joan is that the Snowflake Day spirit isn't determined by material possessions, more by the company you keep. Joan realizes she's lost her Snowflake Day spirit.

At Cleo's house, Cleo's Snowflake Day party is underway. Some of the guests are dressed like pirates. Caesar realizes there is laxatives in the lamb tacos, and Catherine the Great gets a bucket of goat's blood dropped onto her head. Toots still believes the mountain lion is Joan, and the mountain lion is still attacking Toots. Abe announces it's time to exchange care-satchels. Abe gives Cleo her gift, which turns out to be a Love-Coupon book, which Cleo depreciates. Cleo gives Abe the knork, which she pulled out of the dumpster. Both Abe and Cleo are angry and disappointed with their presents. Abe leaves, and eats a bite-sized weiner, containing a razor blade that cuts open his mouth. Joan bursts through the door, with the Mandy Moore-hobo and her homeless gypsy friends. Toots, now wearing the dead mountain lion, is happy to see* that Joan is alive. Joan warns the clones not to drink the punch, because Joan's urine is in it. Joan explains that the homeless taught her that Snowflake Day isn't about sabotaging parties, or greed; Snowflake Day is about spending time with family and friends, and realizing what you already have. Cleo forgives Abe for his gift, and offers to show him her left boob. All the clones begin cabbage-patching. From outside, the sound of cannonballs is heard, which means Snowflake Jake is coming. Mandy Moore ushers all of Cleo's party guests into the basement.

In the basement, Gandhi points out that it's snowing outside. JFK asks where the Mandy Moore-hobo went. Joan decides that Mandy Moore wasn't Mandy Moore, but was actually an Angel.

Outside, the Mandy Moore-hobo and her homeless friends steal Cleo's television, stereo, oven, and a decorative statue from Cleo's house. All the articles and homeless are piled into a white van, which speeds off into the night.

The episode ends with:

Snowflake's Tidings

Regards, Clone High