Clone High

TELETOON (ended 2003)





  • Season 1 Episode 13: Changes: You got a Prom w...

  • Ghandi: Where's Rock Hudson?
    Marie Currie: He's off teaching Oscar Wilde how to play pool.

    Rock Hudson was a homosexual actor, and Oscar Wilde was a homosexual play writer so pairing the two is not by coincidence.

  • When Abe is choosing between Cleo & Joan, Joan's theme from "Election Blu-Galoo" (when she was standing outside JFK's house in the rain) plays when the camera focuses on her.

  • This episode contains partial nudity as we see Cleo naked from the back.

  • While Gandhi makes his strange remark about dry humping ten dudes, there is an odd screeching noise in the background. It's probaly Scudworth, because the scene before cut with Scudworth screeching happily at being Prom King.

  • Goof: During the bird's eye view of Scudworth's office, it appears that Scudworth is the only one there. When Scudworth wakes up, Mr. B. is standing beside him, next to the door. Mr. B. would have been visible from the bird's eye view.

  • Goof: When Abe is asking Cleo to the prom, the moon is visible behind Abe and also behind Cleo as if it was in two different positions in the sky.

  • The only celebrity guest who doesn't make an appearance in this episode is Larry Hardcore, voiced by Jack Black. However, in the final scene, Larry Hardcore's alter-ego The Pusher is visible.

  • Goof: When Gandhi spills the punch on himself and Marie Curie, he is dressed in a black tuxedo. A second later, when the board arrives, Gandhi stands up wearing a white tuxedo.

  • Goof: When Gandhi spills punch all over himself and Marie Curie, they are both drenched. When the camera zooms in, the amount of punch has notably lessened.

  • Abe wears briefs, not boxers.

  • Joan changes out of her prom dress and back into her recular clothes. It is strange that Joan had her regular clothes on hand. One might assume that Joan planned on changing out of her prom dress before she left home.

  • This is the only episode with Toots that doesn't include Toot's prop, the clarinet.

  • For both of the Season Finale episodes, Cleo's drunk foster-mom has no lines. Cleo's foster-mom isn't in episode 12 at all, and shows up in the last minute or two of episode 13 for the congo line. This is odd that she's not around, because Toots is there when Cleo and Joan leave for the prom. Where is Cleo's drunk foster-mom?

  • This episode marks the return appearance of each and every incidental and recurring character that has appeared in the series up to this point.

  • The Clones are all cryogenicaly frozen at the end of this episode along with the Evil Board of Shadowy Figures, a nearly dead John Stamos, and all the other celebrity guests that have appeared on the show.

  • The real Joan Of Arc was burned to death. The Joan for this show was frozen which seems to be an ironic twist.

  • When the blanket over Joan falls away, instead of frontal nudity, we are greeted very quickly with the words "NICE" and "TRY", one on each of her breasts.

  • Joan and JFK have sex in this episode just as Abe finally realizes his feelings for Joan.

  • Ponce is at the prom when he died in a previous episode

  • Stamos pulls the switch in the freezer to instantly flash freeze everone inside. However, the switch is INSIDE the freezer and would therefore be unusable by anyone who didn't want to get frozen.

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