Monday 7:00 PM on BBC Three Premiered Nov 17, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Clone or how to teach an uneducated chap to become funny?

    It has come to a pretty lamentable situation when one has to decry the talents of the likes of Jonathan Pryce and Mark Gatiss but by attaching themselves to this amalgamation of weak, predictable and childlike jokes which are highly lacking in any form of the droll or comical yarn having being so contrived by the creator Adam Chase, I find I have to say boys you have made a enormous boob.

    The first episode left one feeling a little shell shocked but I had the hope that it might mature as the plotline was allowed machete its way through the next five instalments. Hell no, unlike that flavoursome hope of a ripening cheese filling ones nostrils in the anticipation that the salivary glands will come up trumps, this only could muster the strong powerful smell of what one would normally only associate with a farm breeding cattle!

    Dear me, where have all the new fresh and fragrant ideas disappeared to? And to add a further insult each episode has its initial showing followed by a further two repeats and on top of that you can retrieve it in the BBC iPlayer and the BBC have given Clone its own website. Talk about flogging a dead horse – or should that be BULL!