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Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2006 on CBS

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  • Great season premiere!

    I guess you would have to understand why they had to get rid of Annabelle's husband after his death as the show focuses more on criminals and the courts rather than at home. Annabelle works with a new DA(played by JAG's David James Elliott) and also must smooth things over with new partners of cops. Great season premiere.
  • Great season premiere!!

    Nice to see this series back -- I was so happy when it was renewed and I hope it's around for a long time!

    This episode was fantastic -- great way to introduce new characters, but it didn't really seem that they gave much closure for the death of Jack and the resignation of Annabeth's former boss. I do, however, love the additin of David James Elliott -- he has a great screen presence and while it is far too early for Annabeth to move on, the two of them have a pretty amazing chemistry. I do wonder though, if Maureen has a crush on him or something. It was an episode full of twists and turns, but not confusing at all -- had all the components of a great show!
  • It was a better than OK but far from perfect start, but here's a way to improve it, imo. ;)

    Steve's replacement seems unlikely. If your department has a 93 percent conviction rate, it doesn't scream "bring in a brash new element to shake things up." Unless somehow you knew they were only trying cases they thought they could win, which would be a problem. But the office went out on occasional longshots and didn't shy away from tough cases, from what I've seen.

    The reason it worked so well was that they all worked together as a team and didn't simply ignore evidence that didn't support the case they were trying to build, but rather worked to understand it. Sometimes this worked in their favor, and sometimes it didn't but part of what I like about this show is that the characters have integrity.

    So bringing in this NYC nutjob to arrest everyone in town until they finally get the right person and -- oh, while you're at it, hit on the pretty blonde widow and single mother because I'm sure she doesn't have enough emotional turmoil in her life (G-d, I hope she gets him on sexual harrassment) -- seems dumb when you've got someone as capable as Maureen just, y'know, hanging around and being all qualified and capable and stuff. ;)

    I guess maybe only white middle-aged men can hold that position ... ? :P

    Not to say I didn't like the show. Annabeth figured everything out in the nick of time (which is another thing I love about this show). But that new guy really just irritated me from the moment he stepped into frame, and I'd like for him to be kicked out for cause and for Maureen (or heck, even Annabeth, although my understanding is that Maureen has more experience and Annabeth is gonna need more kid-time anyway) to take point in that office.

    That would actually feel like a stronger promotion for her than just coming back from summer break and "Hey! We all got new offices!" :)
  • Annabeth lies, and lies - and her new boss could not be happier.

    Annabeth's new boss looks sharp and dresses smart but he wants his stuff to lie enough to make a used car salesman look honest.

    Back when she had her husband and her old boss, Annabeth was a pretty straight shooter.

    She would stretch the truth sometimes but it was not her main tool. She used her head and her heart, most of the time.

    Her new boss is retooling her professional repertoire to suit his tastes.

    He also seems to have an overly strong taste for her company, taking her alone with him on trips out of state and trying to get her to go to a bar with him.

    She is single now but he clearly has no idea what is "inappropriate".

    This episode has a major plot twist in it.
  • I actually enjoyed this episode...

    Don't get me wrong, I liked the first season well enough, but I thought improvements could have been made. And boy have they been made.

    But I personally liked Annabeth's old boss much better than the new one, but I suppose I'll have to wait and see to see if that changes...

    I do like the newer cop, however, much better than the old one... dunno why, though.

    I do think it will be interesting to know why Annabeth's old boss decided to quit. I don't think it was said last night... just that he would quit. And what happened to the old cop? Why did the actor leave and-or be replaced? It'll be semi interesting to find out what happened -officially.

    Just as the episode was beginning to air last night, I wondered if Annabeth would turn up pregnant again, to give little Hailey a brother or sister by the same father. But with Annabeth taking 3 months off ... I seriously doubt it, not when she is a single mother, etc... and needs the money, etc... I doubt that she would get the extra time off for maternity leave so soon after getting back to work...
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