Close to Home

Season 1 Episode 4

Divine Directions

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2005 on CBS
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Divine Directions
After a competency hearing finds that the woman is fit to stand trial, Annabeth tries to find a motive for the murder and discovers several skeletons in the church-going couple's closet. Meanwhile, Maureen finds out there is more to the story behind a seemingly open and shut case of justifiable homicide. Annie Potts ("Any Day Now") guest stars as Dr. Marla Dodds, the defendant's razor sharp, media-loving lawyer.


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  • The Religion Episode.

    The Religion of all Religion episodes.

    A woman kills her husband because she doesn't want her to leave him.....typical scenario. But, let's throw in God as a factor and a few swingers who are ready to get it up for anything and you have another bad Close to Home episode.

    I think the episode was prolonged too long, with only the performance of Annie Potts to keep it slightly interesting.

    Overall, not an entirely bad episode.

  • Bad episode...

    It was one of the most ridiculous episode i've ever watched, it's silly to someone to claim that God guided her to kill someone, they can't blame God on court, she passed the psychical examination and was declared not insane, then there were physical evidence that she stabbed her housband 3 times, the murder weapon with blood on it and her prints on it, there was no way she could not to be convicted, it's was dumb to get a pastor there beucase his knowledge of religion couldn't make any difference there, it was just a easy murder case with all the evidences that any trial could have had and they just tried to complicate it envolving'd stupid if she'd walked on this one...then, any criminal would claim that God asked him do commit a crime and all of them would walk too...moreless
  • Solid episode

    I liked this episode, because I really had no idea what was going to happen. Although I 100% agreed with Annabeth, I was worried that the jury might not. The way that the defense tried to manipulate the public and jury was very interesting and nerve-wracking. Although, the trend of Annabeth ALWAYS winning is getting a bit stale, I really did want her to win this one, because it would have been a scary moment in our justice system if Cindy walked.moreless
  • The devil made her do it.

    Religion on television can sometimes be controversial. However, in this case there is a clear line between "good" religion and "bad" religion. In the "good" religion, we get to see the cutest baby have a great baptismal service. In the "bad" religion, we get to see a woman kill her husband and claim that God made her do it. Normally, everybody would say the lady is crazy, a twist would arise and everyone smiles at the end. But here the lady is crazy, her minister does not cooperate with the authorities, and a special "defender" takes her case. Is this science fiction or courtroom drama? Annie Potts guest stars as the star attorney. I can't believe they couldn't do better for her than this. Oh, and once again Kimberly Elise gets a measly storyline and makes the most of it. Her and Annabeth need to be sparring more often.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • At the beginning of the episode Annabeth is writing invitations to Haley's baptism, and we learn that she and her husband are Presbyterians.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • (Jack sees Annabeth writing Hailey's baptism invitations)
      Jack: Is that normal? Sending out invitations to a baby's baptism? Is that what Presbyterians do?
      Annabeth: Well, I want close friends and family there. How will they know, if we don't tell them?
      Jack: I'm saying we don't want this turning into another wedding.
      Annabeth: Our wedding was perfect.
      Jack: Yeah, 30 of our closest friends. Simple backyard ceremony. Turned into 150 of your mom's closest friends at the church.

    • Policewoman: Did you stab your husband?
      Cindy Delacroix: Yes.
      Policewoman: Did you intend to kill him?
      Cindy Delacroix: Yes.

    • Steve: (to Annabeth) It all comes down to the closing argument. You have to make a better sermon than she does.

    • Cindy Delacroix: Love, honor and obey maybe just words to some people, but they were not to me.

    • Steve: (to Annabeth) She's turning into Saint Cindy in there. I told you not to argue religion.

    • (the press is taking photos of Anna and Marla)
      Marla Dodds: Jesus, said in the last supper, everybody who wants to get in the picture, get on my side of the table.

    • Annabeth: She's going for jury nullification.
      Thom: What does that mean?
      Annabeth: It means that I could have the strongest possible murder case, and I could still lose.

    • Marla Dodds: How can a Godless process ever understand the heart of a God fearing woman.

    • Thom: In the Bible, if God wants somebody dead, he takes care of it himself.

    • Annabeth: They say women kill men for three reasons: infidelity, abuse and once in a while money.

    • Annabeth: (to Steve) Having to go against this woman's twisted way about God, is not a good day in court.

    • Jeffery: How's the baby?
      Annabeth: Oh, she's so cute, it's ridiculous.

    • Officer Macklin: I called you last week but you didn't return my call.
      Maureen: I'm sorry.
      Officer Macklin: I was wondering...
      Maureen: I don't date cops.

    • Jeffery: (to Annabeth) This woman is so crazy, she does't want to plead crazy.

    • Det. Pitts: Sorry to drag you out here on a Sunday.
      Annabeth: Doing double time over the weekends, makes up for a multitude of sins.

  • NOTES (2)

    • "All things Bright and Beautiful." The hymn heard during the baptism was written by Cecil Frances Alexander in 1848.

    • The song "Rock of Ages" was sung at the beginning of the episode, was written by Augustus M. Toplady, with music by Thomas Hastings. The song was written in the 1700's.