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Close to Home

Season 1 Episode 7

Double Life Wife

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2005 on CBS
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Double Life Wife
During the investigation of the crime, Annabeth discovers a picture of the defendant and the victim's husband, leading her to believe that the murder of his wife may not have been an accident. Meanwhile, Steve asks for Maureen's help after he must recuse himself from the appeal of a death penalty case after a key witness accuses him of suborning perjury.moreless

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  • First episode I saw.

    This was the first episode I saw of Close to Home, I decided to watch it because there was nothing else on the tv, I didn't except much of it but I was surprised when I had watched this episode.

    It had a good story and I didn't except the man to be bad at the beginning, it was nice to finally see a not so predictable show again.

    I liked the acting, but because I have missed the previous eps I didn't know who a lot of people where but besides that I liked this series a lot, I'm looking forward to the next episode.

  • Very disappointing!

    First of all, there is no way Linda would claim she didn't know Randy if she had a photo of the two of them in her wallet and was married to him!! Did she really think that wouldn't come up? Honestly, it doesn't matter how stupid a person is, no one would make a claim like that knowing there's so much evidence to disprove it. Secondly, Randy was just as much of an did he think he could possibly get away with this? Then when they brought the third wife in...come on, it was all too easy. An interesting IDEA with the bigomy, but just too manipulated. Not carried out well at all.moreless
  • Felt like I'd seen this one before, it's based on a true story, so I didn't think it was all that exciting. It seemed to just plod along.

    This show is going to have to find a point of view. Is it a crime drama or a law series? Are they solving the crime or convicting the criminals? I do not think they can do both. It also suffers from real writing problems. It just doesn't seem to be working to me. There is no suspense. Things just happen in a row, like a Danielle Steele novel. There is no character development, no character motivation, no reason for anything. The characters are just introduced, then they do things, again for no reason. I found this episode very disappointing.moreless
  • A woman is hit by a speeding car as she is leaving the local mall with her husband, and is instantly killed. A 911 call is made a few days later, and the woman who was driving has a pitcure of the victim's husband in her wallet.moreless

    The episode begins with a apparent hit and run which leaves a woman dead, and there are no leads as to the culprit until an anonymous 911 call is made giving the description of the car and a partial license plate number.

    When the driver is arrested, a picture of the dead woman's husband is found in her purse, and after much hesitation, she reveals that she is also married to Randy. They got married three months ago.

    The case soon opens up and we find out that it was Steve who made the anonymous 911 call and gave away Lisa, who he conspired with to run down his wife.

    We also learn that Steve was married before his current dead wife, who fell off a cliff and he got paid 300 000 from her insurance company.

    His plan was simple, get one wife to kill the other, put one wife in jail, and get away with the insurance money, but he did not bargain on his current, yes, current fiancee showing up in court.

    Overall, this was a good episode.moreless
Tim Snay

Tim Snay

Arraignment Judge

Guest Star

Connie Craig

Connie Craig

Randy's Trial Foreman

Guest Star

Liz Benoit

Liz Benoit

911 Operator

Guest Star

Evan Arnold

Evan Arnold

Jeffrey Ambor

Recurring Role

Conor Dubin

Conor Dubin

Danny Robel

Recurring Role

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