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Season 2 Episode 20

Drink the Cup

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2007 on CBS

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  • Annabeth vs a bunch of dirty cops

    While prosecuting a drug dealer for murder, Annabeth takes a risk and prosecutes not just a drug dealer but also a group of corrupt cops. As Annabeth maybe targeted over that since she and the cops are supposed to be on the same side. But that doesn't seem the case. But at last, one good cop name Matt Ewing comes to her defense.
  • The death of a cop, Jason Myers, leads Annabeth into a trio of less than stellar cops.

    An ok episode though I like the other episodes a bit more. Annabeth gets a drug dealer as the main suspect in a cop's murder. THe drug dealer leaks a young girl Kellie Lawson as associating with the dead cops.

    Annabeth doesn't find the connection till later that the cop might have been murdered by one his own. It also seemed that once Annabeth had a fellow cop testify against the murderer that the episode would be over but the verdict was different.

    We also get to see another man, Matt Ewing, another cop come to Annabeth's aid when it looks like she might be targeted for pursuing the case.

    All in all the performances were fine but the story might have needed more work. The episode is a two part one concluding next week so I can't be too judgemental on this one until I see the finale.
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