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Season 2 Episode 22

Eminent Domain

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 11, 2007 on CBS

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  • Too bad the show was cancelled.

    It was too bad that the show was cancelled. And also bad that they killed off Maureen. I guess they were trying to follow what they did last season when they killed off Annabeth's husband, Jack. However, Jack's death occurred only in the final moment of that episode. This time Maureen's death was part of the episode. If the show had gotten renewed, it wouldn't have surprised me if Ray would have been the next character to die; I mean his heart condition became an issue in this episode when he and Ed were chasing someone. And I also couldn't help but wonder what would have happened to Annabeth and the guy she apparently was interested in. He was a cop would he have joined the D.A.'s office, or would they have had some trouble because of their jobs. And would Annabeth take over Maureen's job? And would there have been a new lawyer whom Annabeth would train?