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Awesome show, but extremely formulaic...

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    I love Close to Home. It was a great show. But it was so formulaic. I was going back and watching S2 again. Every episode had three phases that it would follow like clockwork.

    1) The defendant would plead not guilty. Then the defendant's lawyer would always try to get them released on bail or their own recognances. The presiding judge would always turn them down. This would always ensure that the defendant would have to remain in jail for the whole episode, and either Annabeth or Maureen would then spend portions of the episode trying to cut a deal or convince the person to come clean.

    2) Annabeth or Maureen would try to get extra evidence added in, whether it was a confession or some other piece of key evidence. Then the presiding judge would always supress it so that they would have a harder time winning the case and suspense would be offered to the episode.

    3) Every episode would end with the defendant being found guilty.

    Every single episode followed the same exact formula. It was still an awesome show, and I liked all the actors involved. But it was extremely formulaic.

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    I see what you mean, but not every episode was like that, there were differences. There were even a few where they person was found not guilty, but again, it still is pretty formulatic.

    And I agree, great show
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