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Season 2 Episode 14

Hoosier Hold `Em

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • A young man Connor Bradley is suspected of commiting robbery. When his trial starts, the guy is found dead and fingers point to his friends and enemies namely a crooked poker player.

    Entertaining episode. A kid, Connor Bradley, is charged with bank robbery. He is apprended but then mysteriously is found dead. Annabeth and her detectives do an investigation and find an illegal gambling setup in play that could discover, Connor's killer.

    It's a decent episode. Some of it was predictable but nonetheless pulled off ok. Kaitlin Howard, Connor's friend is obviously lying when she's been interviewed but they hid the real reason behind Connor's murder well. It wasn't just about covering up an illegal gambling ring but covering a bigger crime. That Gibson family made me sick passing them off as one innocent family but in really they were had a lot of dirty things going on. Gladly at the end people were exposed and the real killer was caught though he received a very light sentence.