Close to Home

Season 1 Episode 22

Hot Grrrl

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 19, 2006 on CBS
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Hot Grrrl
Annabeth prosecutes two teenagers for the murder of a man they claim was an online sexual predator. However, the more she investigates the more the teenagers' story falls apart. And at home, she and Jack make plans to go on vacation, not knowing that their lives will soon change.moreless

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  • That was a really sad episode..

    This was a really sad episode and I didn't see that ending coming. When I saw it I busted out with tears and kept hopeing that Jack was still alive. Thats how I found this site I was trying to find out about Jack on a search thing and I got to this website. It also got me into Ghost Whisperer because it was on right before it and everytime I saw Close to Home I would cry. So sorry I was totally of subject. Back to the subject, I also liked the case it was a reallt good case. This was a very emotional episode and I will never forget it.moreless
  • didn't see that one coming

    I love this show so much. One of the things i loved about this show is the fact the main character had a normal family, unlike all the other tv shows. A good husband and a cute little baby. Why kill the husband??? WHY? I won't stop watching and i'm not gonna like it less either but it's such a shame. I actually cried a little. I loved the rest of the episode though.moreless
  • WHY?

    I love this show, one of the things I love the most is the whole small town feeling about it. That she has a loving home and a new baby, a regular life outside of her job. I think the whole show will lose that warm feel now. Why does every show find it necesarry to kill off a main character on the season finale. Come up with a new one people. Keep the cast alive!!!moreless
  • Now that's what I call a cliff-hanger!

    Oh My Goooood! Not Jack - it can't be! Annabeth's desolation at the loss of her beloved Jack was heart wrenching. The rest of the episode was, as usual, very good as well. It is amazing the things kids are learning to do on the internet. Nothing would really surprise me anymore.
  • Ending the season with cliffhanger

    It showed for what it came.

    This phrase means that this episode concludes the first season attempting to get viewers back on the next one. Ang giving the alussion that this is what the show is all about: learning, investigating, dealing, and making justice. As the lead carachter Anabette tried over season one to balance her personal life and professional, she might not have so much attention to direct on next one, as it gets obvious on the end, considering the death of her husband.

    If that was a pilot, it would be clear, what it is coming. And viewers knows what to expect.moreless
Marshall Allman

Marshall Allman

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Danielle Savre

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Missy Yager

Missy Yager

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Barry Shabaka Henley

Detective Lou Drummer

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Bruce Davison

Bruce Davison

Doug Hellman

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Factual Error: The victim, Evan Bennett, is referred to as a "pedophile". This is an error. Pedophiles are people who have a sexual interest in prepubescent children. The girls who were involved in the webcam scheme, while legally under the age of consent, were well into postpuberty, and too old for true pedophiles. The correct medical/psychological term for people with a sexual interest in postpubescent/subadult teenagers is ephebophile.

      It's interesting to note than in many countries, it is possible for teenagers to get married while under the age of sexual consent. In one state of the USA, it is possible for boys as young as 13 and girls as young as 12 to marry, although both parental consent and dispensation from a judge is required. This means that it would be possible for a married person to be arrested for posession of child pornography for having intimate photographs of one's own spouse.

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    • This episode marks the final episode for cast members Christian Kane (Jack Chase) and John Carroll Lynch (Steve Sharpe) as both actors left the show.


    • Male Student: (to Det Drummer) They play strip poker online. It beats Jeopardy.

      This is in reference to the popular televison game show that test contestants knowledge in history, literature, politics, pop culture etc.