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Season 2 Episode 2

House Divided

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2006 on CBS

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  • awesome characters, twists and turns.

    this is an awesome episode!! not exactly one of the best theyve ever done but still a episode worth watching. when a mum goes haywire and kills her husband and calls it self defence theres only one person that can help prosecute her: annabeth. the main two twists are when the mum decides to represent herself and when they find out that the father (desceased) used hypnosis on the children. its a happy ending as usual and the eldest sister/grandparents have joint custody of the children. i like the fact that all the children contradict what the others have said which adds realism to the story along with the fact that the mother appears to be 'delusional' but shes not letting on as much as she knows. this episode is worth watching.
  • Well...

    This was a very nice episode, but looks like Annabeth does not care about the fact that her husband just died and she doesn't even see her daughter. The new cast is not getting along as the old one used to, but let's see if something nicer is going to happen...
  • Anabeth and Maureen are prosecuting a woman who claims murdering her husband in self Defense.

    This is the interaction of an aparently perfec family, full of manipulation and abuse of 4 children. The wife, claiming abuse from the husband. The children at the end abused by both of their parents. I did like about the plot that we always knew who the killer was, and the hard part was to prove it. It turned out very interesting. For a change was very amuzing too watch the acussed defend herself at the trial. She (apparently) went to law school, because she matchet both Anabeth and Maureen, two top prosecutors.
    The part i liked the most, was how the epidosed portrayed Anabeth's life after loosing her husband. I feel sorry for her dauther, Hailey, because Anabeth is burying herself in the job to forget or minimize her pain. (I have to say i disagree the idea of make anabeth a young single mom).
  • Average as this happens all too commonly!

    Show was so-so but still the actors saved it from being the typical battered wife who shot husband in self-defense scenerio. As there might be somthing that she is hiding as Annabeth talks to the children and see what is going on but they don't respond to her warmly right away. Having David James Elliott of JAG come in breathes new life into the show.
  • Fine example of a great show...

    What I really liked about this episode was the friendship that is developed between Annabeth and Doug Heller. They shared two 'out of the courtroom' scenes that really brought in a nice dynamic to the show. It is revealed that Doug Heller has gone through a divorce (Annabeth knew this) and is now dating a new lady, who he ran off to meet at the airport. It was an interesting storyline, but it wasn't the best one of the series. It was kind of freaky with the whole hypnosis thing -- the way the scenes were shot, I almost expected it to be the mother who was doing the hypnotizing -- the camera really panned on her eyes while they were shooting it.

    Good episode, but again, not the greatest of a series that has had some amazing ones!
  • Decent but not amazing episode.

    Annabeth is still down from the recent death of her husband, which casts a slight pall over this episode. She does not dwell on it but it does come up a couple of times.

    The crime scenario this time was kind of a multilayered tragedy, with victims stacked three deep.

    The acting seemed very good, as usual. The family members of the victim all played their roles extremely well - above par, it seemed like.

    Annabeth's new boss somehow seems too ingratiating. His character is too flat, too self-centered, and too disingenuous to really like. If he does not get some character development going, it seems like he could drag the mood of the show down a little.

    This episode makes one kind of miss her old boss.
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