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Season 2 Episode 16

Internet Bride

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2007 on CBS

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  • Welcome back to the courtroom DJE!

    The defendant looked hinky from the getgo in this one. Caught doing 95 on the turnpike, and still late to the seminar? It also seemed like the judge favored the local scion family over the immigrant Russian bride in his rulings, although there was valid legal basis. And even though the decedent's brother came all the way from the homeland only to blow it on the witness stand, it turned out to be a favorable outcome. In the real world, there would have been plaintiffs' civil attorneys crawling all over him trying to corner the market on the potential wrongful death action!
    It was nice to see Harm, ahem I mean ADA James Conlon, back in the saddle in the courtroom again. It was also nice to see him looking out for his investigator Ray Blackwell, insisting on his seeing the primo cardiologist in NYC. But I wonder what favors Conlon was able to call in so that Maureen got to handle the appeal on Annabeth's dead husband's case. Didn't he just get here 6 months ago from NY?
  • Sonia Rooney, a Russian internet bride is found dead and foul play points to her husband.

    A decent episode. A beautiful young woman named Sonia Rooney is found murdered. Her husband claims it's suicide but a lot of contradictions in the case prompt Annabeth to prosecute him for murder. The woman for example was beaten so much that her contacts came out. The man's attorney has a laughable alibi. Then Annabeth encounters a dirty secret that the man is hiding. The judge dismisses the evidence which is a big blow to Annabeth.

    They didn't make it look so easy for Annabeth. Conlon meanwhile is coaching his firm in a basketball game. Reggie Miller made an appearence. This side story didn't mean anything, but we did learn about the serious health of one of the detectives. The main case was decent. Internet brides aren't a smart idea but in this case when you watch it you'll see that the victim was actually semi-decent, and she didn't deserve to die the way she did.