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Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2006 on CBS

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  • Annabeth goes after a rich man , Will Brooks, who might have murdered his wife for money.

    Good episode, well acted as always. Jennifer is so likable as Annabeth. Here Annabeth's case involved a high profile businessman and his family. His lawyer tried to do everything to intimidate Annabeth and Maureen, but never gave in. This is what makes Annabeth , strong and admirable. It doesn't matter who her competition is, she will not back down to anybody.

    Yes, it was a little predictable, but you can't tell me you really thought it was the Father in Law who did it without watching the entire episode. Give me a break. All eyes pointed to the husband who seek to gain 50 million from his dead wife. The twist was still done well.

    Overall, another enjoyable episode. Once again Conlon is made less and less like a jerk. He was worried that Annabeth might be chewing off more than she could chew, but he nonetheless loved the fact that she and Maureen were so committed to finding the real murderer.
  • This show just keeps getting worse...

    I had a feeling killing off Jack would end up killing the show. There is no heart left in the show. The characters are dried up and the cases are stale. The one thing that set this show apart from the million other like it was her home life, with a new baby and a loving husband. Now it is just a crappy wannabe Law and Order. They never even explain what happened to the cast from last season we just pick up with a new boss and a new detective? Where did they go? And the sexual tension between Anabeth and her new boss just makes me uncomfortable, they never even showed her grieving for her husband. The show picks up and everything is fine, her kid basically lives with the babysitter and she works on dull cases all day and night. The show just lost the spark it had last season. I'm bout done with this one!!This episode in particular was quite predictable, like we didnt see that coming from the beginning! Come on! Give us, the audience a little more credit then that. It was sooooooooooo obvious! Grrrrr....