Close to Home

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2005 on CBS
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Annabeth must choose between making a case against a kidnapping suspect or saving his victim's life. Annabeth takes a huge gamble when she denies kidnapping suspect, Derrick Adler (guest star Mason Gamble) his right to have a lawyer present during his interrogation in order to force a confession with the hope that he will lead the police to his victim's whereabouts so that she can be brought home alive. Derrick had kidnapped college mate Amy Flynn (guest star Shannon Floyd) after a campus party, a person who he has been stalking for over a year. With time running out Annabeth is put in a tough predicament. Meanwhile, Maureen must decide whether or not to prosecute a detective who obstructed justice in order to protect a fellow cop.moreless

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  • This was a great episode

    This was a really good episode but I think it could have been a little bit better. A gave us a little more information about what this show is about and I felt bad for annabeth when she made that decision. This was also a good episode in my opinion because the title is my name and usually my name isn't in a lot of things but it is relly cool that it is the title of an episode enough about me let get back to the episode so anyway this episode was great and I am looking forward to new episodes.moreless
  • Not good for a second episode

    A girl gets kidnapped, by a guy who lived in her surrounding neighbourhood, but she never really knew him, but his obsessed with her and so he kidnaps her to posses her, and probably get her to love him.

    This was so bad.

    Were the writers trying to show emotion among the cast: Annabelle doing all she could, even jeopardising the case in other to find the victim, Steve yelling at both Anna & Maureen?

    But, I have to say I enjoyed Maureen's (Kimberly) performance, she's just brilliant.

    Overall, an average episode that tried to hard to show the characters being forceful and overly dramatic.

  • The second episode is a little shaky. They have a great lead actress, but the rest of the crew is needing a little work.

    Kidnapping and stalking is not new to the procedural drama genre. I do like the take of this life long ignored neighbor guy. However, the acting in this episode was subpar. Maybe that was because the script was average at best. This show works on a couple of levels. I get that Ms. DA is a mommy and that is going to guide her thinking. However, it cannot guide her thinking to the point that it jepordizes cases or she would be fired. The lack of communication with her bosses seems realistic. However, her boss seems like too nice a guy to be coming off as gruff as he did in this one.

    And the whole police cover up storyline was a waste of time. This one gets a grade of N for Needs Improvement.moreless
  • Jennifer Finnagin is so great at acting, she has me fully convinced with her intese eyes....Well done Annabeth!!!!!

    This was an episode that kept me wondering if the guy who kidnapped her was doing harm to her, or even if he had kidnapped her, but it all showed in the end. The guy was totally obsessed with her. Although I am glad it turned out for the best and that the guy got charged. But what if they hadn't found her, would he have harmed her?
  • A great main story arc, brought down by a draining subplot of police protecting police and forced emotional outbursts.

    Give the writers credit - nowadays it's more likely that your main suspect will leave forensic evidence (pick your favorite CSI) or crack under the pressure of the seasoned detective's interrogation (Homicide, NYPD Blue, L&O: Criminal Intent, etc.) than simply ask for a lawyer! But our antagonist actually asks for a lawyer, after the Miranda reading and then confesses almost escaping scott-free. That's great writing!

    So why only Above Average? The forced emotional outbursts... Maureen's overly angry at a detective for protecting one of his own, then nears tears when she testifies against him??? (Personally, I'd like to see her burst in tears when one of the three killers her Detective was going to testify against gets released and kills again. That'd make some sense.)

    Steve's overly angry at Maureen and Annabeth for going against him. He's their boss right? How about making and suggesting they could be replaced?

    And Annabeth's emotional relief about getting the guy and what if it were our daughter, yada yada yada...

    My guess is that this emotional filler is what makes this "Close to Home", but it's not natural and looks forced - since it's out of place. Emotion should be coming from reactions to the people they are trying to catch and their victims, not their musings and inter-office politics. Yawn...

    Hope it gets better. The actual main plot was fantastic.moreless
Shannon Floyd

Shannon Floyd

Amy Flynn

Guest Star

Mason Gamble

Mason Gamble

Derrick Adler

Guest Star

Cordelia Richards

Cordelia Richards

Mary Flynn

Guest Star

Erich Anderson

Erich Anderson

Detective George Branch

Recurring Role

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