Close to Home

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Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2005 on CBS
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Annabeth Chase (Jennifer Finnigan, "Bold and the Beautiful")) is a happily married mother and wife living in suburbia. As she goes back to work she has to prosecute a woman who set her house on fire with her with her two kids inside. But, what she uncovers is a story of abuse the likes of which she could never have predicted happened in her neighborhood. Since having a baby with her husband Jack, Annabeth has been having a difficult time re-adjusting to work as her cases are hitting closer to home and her decisions are questioned by her new boss (Kimberly Elise).moreless

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  • Do we really need another one of these shows?

    The pilot of this series wasn't bad. It wasn't extremely good either. The question is, do we even need yet another Jerry Bruckheimer crime solving series?

    The show felt like yet another CSI spin off in a lot of ways. Only this time it was about the prosecutor rather than the crime techs. And there was supposed to be more of a subplot with the family, though it didn't really shine through. Not in any good ways at least.

    It feels like we've seen this all to death. Someone young and pretty who has an established carreer even though they look like they graduated from college six months ago. This person has problems in the work place and gets overly passionated about his/her work at times, but in the end the co-workers give them credit for the hard work and their brilliance. At home awaits a loving family which will soon start to get fed up with the success of our main character and his/her long hours away from home.

    One of the major problems with this pilot was that the family didn't seem believable. They were too perfect. A couple of young first time parents who look picture perfect and not the least bit worn by the load of taking care of a newborn, and the baby is ever so cooable. I didn't buy that things were just so rosy, neither parent was tired because of mid night feedings and the home looked like all they did was clean it. If they don't start showing a little less perfection I won't find them believable at all.

    The case was interesting at least. The children were wonderful actors and the direction was really good. You knew there would be some form of twist to it but it worked rather well anyway. It kept my interest throughout the episode.

    I feel this show has potential, but it needs to be a bit more realistic. And I am still thinking it's not original enough, it's the type of show that comes fifteen on the dozen.

  • A young prosecutor returns from maternity leaving to find her promotion was given to a coworker, her sensitivity is high because he had to left her baby with a nanny. Her fisrt asigment is to prosecute a woman who set her house on fire with her kids insidmoreless

    Strong episode, i know it\'s just the first one and we have to wait for the other 21 episodes, but it caught my breath from the second they discovered the truth behind the fire. I like Finnigan\'s character, Annabeth, because as tha mayority of working moms she wants to have everything in life: carrer and family, and because her new experience in life, maternity, she empathises with all the victims.

    The real heroe in this episode was the little boy, who tried so hard to pretect his family that started the fire. The reason he gave was one way or another, meaning the firefighters save them or not, their miseries will be over.moreless
  • Its only the first episode so way too soon to judge the series. First impressions though leave me unsure I will continue watching.

    The episode starts out great (but really anything with huge flames and fireballs hooks me).

    The rest of the episode wasn\'t bad and was potentially interesting. The central plot of the episode I found interesting, the mother being charge with burning the house down and the twists and turns that followed.

    The personal side of the show however didn\'t sit right with me. There was something missing, it may be because we dont yet have a connection to the characters.

    This is a crime/drama show, I feel however they pushed the drama just that bit too far. Theres a fine line between prime time drama and soap operas. While the storyline isn\'t farfetched like a soap the writing/directing at points seemed to overdramatize things.moreless
  • Jennifer Finnegan does an outstanding job on this show. However, the rest of the cast seems to be walking around looking for things to do. Good start for a series that I only expect to get better.moreless

    The good news is this is not a CSI rip off. Granted it is going to be grouped in the ever increasing list of police procedurals. However, this is more of a law episode than a police episode. The interaction with the family was nice, but seemed unbalanced. Balancing a career and a family isn't any for anyone. But if you have the perfect job, the perfect husband, the perfect nanny, and the perfect home, then chances are good you are not in the Twilight Zone. Chances are you are a few blocks away from the Cleavers, the Nelsons, and the Griffiths.

    I am hoping for more conflict with somebody other than the villian at this point. But it sure looks good coming out of the gate.moreless
  • Surprisingly good episode. Jennifer Finnigan was perfect.

    After watching Finnigan in the NBC comedy Committed, and then seeing her in this, it's amazing the extent of her acting ability. A wacky, eccentric fireball in Committed to a serious, caring lawyer and mother in Close to Home.

    I thought the show itself was pretty good too. There was a nice twist towards the end.

    If you like courtroom dramas, check this one out.
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    • Annabeth: Why did she get promoted instead of me?
      Steve: Because she's better qualified.
      Annabeth: (scoffs) At what, kissing your butt?
      Steve: Amoung other things.
      Annabeth: I take three months maternity leave and she gets my promotion. That's discrimination.
      Steve: No, that's reality Annabeth.

    • Steve: Hey, how's the kid?
      Annabeth: Oh, she's great, she's so beautiful, she's almost thirteen pounds....
      Steve: You know Molly McNeal, she lives about six blocks from you, she's married and has two kids?
      Annabeth: No, I don't think so.
      Steve: Good, no conflict of interest. You've been drafted, you're up to bat.
      Maureen: Whoa, whoa, wait, what's she accused of?
      Steve: She tried to burn her house down with her kids in it.

    • Maureen: Welcome back.
      Annabeth: Thanks.
      Maureen: So, how was maternity leave?
      Annabeth: Great! Fanastic! Way to short.
      Maureen: Short? You took of twelvel whole weeks.
      Annabeth: I wasn't exactly lounging on the beach Maureen.

  • NOTES (5)

    • International air date:
      Greece: December 21, 2008 on Star

    • On the opening 'credits' it says "Close to Home stars Jennifer Finnigan ("The Bold and the Beautiful", "Committed")"

      I would suggest a change to Close to Home stars Jennifer Finnigan ("Crossing Jordan", "Committed")

    • Famous actor Emilio Estevez directs the pilot episode of "Close to Home" as a deal he struck with CBS during pilot season.

    • The series is set in the city of Indianapolis, but the show is filmed in Los Angeles.

    • During the filming of the pilot actress Jennifer Finnigan (Annabeth Chase) was credited as a "lead guest-star." She was not a permanent fixture of the cast yet, as she was still under contract with NBC with her 2005 midseason series "Committed." When NBC didn't pick up "Committed" for a second season she was able to stay with the series "Close to Home" when CBS picked it up.