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Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2006 on CBS
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A successful African-American man is abducted from his home and presumed dead. A suspect is quickly arrested and refuses to cooperate, but he reveals the location of the body to his lawyer. Annabeth tries to persade the defending attorney to testify against his client after a second black man goes missing, hoping to stop the hate crimes, but the man is reluctant to betray his client's confidence.moreless

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  • Excellent work on the part of all the actors. Connor Trinneer did a fine job of portraying the conflicted defense attorney. He has a great way of showing emotion without using words.moreless

    This was a great episode to watch. Wish Connor Trinneer could be a recurring character on the show. He, as always, did a great job portraying his character. This was an episode that was made for his acting abilities. The other actors in the show did a great job as well. The subject matter was one that one would hope we wouldn\'t have to see but unfortunately, some things don\'t change with some people. Racism is all too common a problem still. It would be wonderful if it weren\'t. I found the ending was what caught me off guard the most--with Eric Foster\'s girlfriend coming to his office. Hadn\'t expected that. All in all a good episode.moreless
  • Definately a ten and a great show .....but

    In this show the suspect in the murder a man named Schrader is apprehended in his front yard. Setting the scene, the police are already at his driveway when he drives up. The scene goes on to show him getting out of his van which is full of blood in the rear. The police officer holds the suspect against the van as asks "Where is (missing mans name escapes me.) The suspect Schrader replies "He is dead." Schrader's attorney files a motion to exclued the words. The judge grants the attorney's motion to exclude as Schrader was not mirandized. This is an instance where the writers did not research the law as they should have. This statement comes under the catagory of a "spontaneous utterance" which the Supreme court has ruled that such an utterance is admissable in any court in the land. It is the same as a police officer saying "What happened or what's up?" Such an utterance is not subject to miranda. Take this as fact as I am a former Police Officer and Prosecutig Officer. Hopefully they will be more careful in their research and not allow such mistakes to make the show mediocre.moreless
  • A good episode

    A good episode,the perfomance of the actor playing the defending attorney was the best.

    The plot wasn't original,but is was well executed.This is one of the best episodes so far. It was well writtin, and held your attention the whole way through.

    I also love the scene at the end ,a nice twist.

  • Thank goodness for Connor Trinneer!

    Worth the hour of viewing. Nice plot. Above average acting. Very nice plot twist. Thank goodness for Connor Trinneer!

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  • Why is Christian Kane's name even in the credits?

    This episode was okay but I have seen the neo nazi thing done before in procedurals, and the show should change it's name considering that the writers seem to be phasing out Annabeth's husband Jack and their daughter, which are the only reasons I watch this at show all. There was not even a mention of her husband in this episode, only the baby.

    Until they give Christian Kane a reason to have his name in the credits, I say change the channel.moreless
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Louisa Kendrick

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Doug Williams

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Tyler R. Brooks

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    • Annabeth: You're getting married?
      Eric Foster: You make it sound like I'm a freak. People want to marry me these days.
      Annabeth: I'm sure they do. I'm just surprised you left work long enough to meet someone.
      Eric Foster: Actually, she came to my office.

    • Eric Foster: Annabeth Chase! Ladies and gentlemen, she does exist.
      Annabeth: Eric, hi! (hugs him friendly)
      Eric Foster: That's the last friendly contact we're going to have until this case is over, so I hope you enjoyed it.

    • Annabeth: A man's life is at stake.
      Craig Schrader: No it's not.
      Annabeth: are you saying his already dead?
      Craig Schrader: I'm saying his not really a man.

    • Annabeth: How was the bar?
      Danny: Not a friendly place.

    • Schrader's Victim: He started calling me names.
      Maureen: Was it racial names?
      Schrader's Victim: Every single one you everfy heard.

    • Steve: It's a bar full of guys, take Danny for back up.
      Maureen: You obviously haven't seen me in a bar full of guys.

    • Steve: So opposing counsel's your old boyfriend.
      Annabeth: Briefly.
      Steve: Never mind. You don't need to tell me. Just please tell me you did better than him in law school.

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