Close to Home

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • When a friend of Conlon's, Judge Sheffield, is murdered in a random mugging on a visit to Indianapolis, Conlon and the team take up the case against a borderline mentally retarded man who confesses to the murder.

    This was a very good episode. Sheffield's son was annoying and I felt that even though he's Conlon's friend and a retired lawyer, he shouldn't have helped the office with the case. I thought the interrogation scene with "John Cooke, Jr." was a funny scene. Especially when he confessed outright to murdering the man. However, he had invoked his right to a lawyer (inadvertently) and the confession was inadmissable... When Annabeth was taken off the case by Conlon because she couldn't argue for the Death Penalty and Conlon took the stand, I was happy that Conlon found out that John and the other guy switched places when they got to the ATM Machine which John couldn't handle because of his mental capacity, and I feel that the episode ended good, with the "carpetbagger" joke by Annabeth.
  • Jimmy Conlon's mentor, Judge Sheffield, is murdered during a visit to Indianapolis. Jimmy and the team try the case. When Annabeth can't argue for the death penalty for the MR killer, Jimmy takes over and finds out what really happened.

    I loved this episode. Finally we got to see why they brought DJE into the cast.

    His emotions were clear on his face as he went through happiness, then grief, then anger, and then searching for the truth. His struggle to do his job while attempting to protect the reputation of his friend was interesting - and I'm glad that Annabeth called him on it. I'm also glad that he went for truth instead of simply pushing for the death penalty after he realized that it wasn't warranted, even at the expense of his friendship with Billy. I also liked the last scene with Jimmy and Annabeth. Her line about his being a 'carpetbagger' was really cute.

    I really hope that this show continues this plot - and that it returns next season for more episodes, hopefully episodes that have more of David James Elliott in them!
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