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  • I miss close to home!

    I really miss Close to Home. Close to Home was one of my favorite shows, I watched it every Friday no matter what! It was perfect because my other favorite show was Ghost Whisperer so I could just watch them both on the same night right after eachother. I know a lot of people didn't like the show, but I thought it was great. I was really sad when I found out it was being canceled, the should have given it a nother chance. I also wish they would put the two seasons out on DVD, how else am I suppossed to watch it? Close to Home will ALWAYS be one of my favorite shows, no matter what!
  • A good mix between investigation and litigation

    For me this show gives me a lot of fun… the story behind every case is very interesting… there's more of family drama than any other criminal series… even though Close to Home doesn't have an intense closing argument like Boston Legal but Close to Home provide more investigation on the case…. I always wonder what happen to criminals in CSI or any other criminal case and I think Close to Home provide me with the answer even though the investigation is more subtle than CSI but I think this is enough… I know that the lawyers in this series is not so interesting and many find Annabeth is irritating but this show is about the case… as far the case is interesting I don't really care with the characters…
  • Again, it figures that a show I enjoy and love to watch gets wacked in favor of dumb new shows. Why do the networks do that? It pisses me off! I hate getting atached to shows because I know dam well and good they'll be gone after a season or 2. It sucks!

    Good show. A favorite. But of course, the stupid idiots at the network had to go and wack it! Bring it back! Close to Home was a good family show. I just don't understand why all the good shows get cut off and these dumb new shows get to be put in their place. My family enjoyed the show and now it's gone. I guess we'll just have to start watching more movies and less TV...the network aughta really love that lose of ratings. I guess a trip to the Blockbuster for Friday night movies will be in the works tonight.
  • The program, Close to Home, being in Indiana, really makes me laugh. There is nothing done that closely or minutly reflects any truth of what Indiana is really like. Women and children are second class, protective orders never served. Citizen protection?

    Governor, Mitch Daniels, Attorney Generals Office, Steve Carter, Attorney Generals Investigator, David Thomas, Head of Department of Children, James Payne, Indiana State Police, Marion County Prosecutor, Carl Brizzi, Local Police, and both CPS Attorneys and judges, are all aware of the fraudulent criminal actions of social workers and case managers, of CPS. However, it appears that no one has the integrity or ethical morals to do anything about it. Try to complain to any official in Indiana about the crimes of the government workers. You will find that Steve Carter, Attorney General, will simply deny all complaints, and protect those workers that are committing crimes.

    The fact that women and children are in much "lack of" protection in the United States, especially in Indiana, and ignored when cries for help is screamed out. I find it hard to believe, Republican President Bush, cares anymore for the victimizaiton of women and children in Indiana or elsewhere in the nation, as it Is the government agency that is allowed to perform in the horrific manner of harming more children than helping, defaming and financially burdening innocent parents, and allowing the states to use Magic words, to de-fraud the federal government pockets. The Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels: After many letters, calls, and walk in visits to the State House, our Governor, Mitch Daniels, refuses to listen and failed to build that "Open door policy" he stated as a promise during his campaign. Indiana Representative, Evan Bayh, stated the "Governor is ultimately responsible for the actions or lack of actions of CPS". Two employees under Mitch Daniels, were very well aware of what was happening to us and still happening to many others. Neither seem to be concerned. Though, Scott Zarazee, did write 2 years ago, he would look into the concern, but nothing more done or said. The Attorney General, Steve Carter' office response: ..."the Attorney General acts as legal counsel for the State of Indiana . We do not have jurisdiction in issues such as yours." This means, the Attorney General will do nothing to protect the citizens, parents, or children! It is okay for Dept of Children to commit perjury and falsification of court records. It is not about protection, it is about getting children in the system to waste money. Also, this also means, that a large hospital can overdose infants, doctors can refuse a patient the right to choose their own trusted doctor, CPS can allow an overdose of medication to be administered, that is highly neurotoxin and nephrotoxin to a 5 day old infant, and allow the hospital staff to refuse to identify who they were. This is the same response from the Indiana Health Department. "There was not enough documentation in the medical record to make a judgment". Well, duh, like the staff and doctors are going to document what they did? Furthermore, the response from the Indiana Attorney General is no surprise, as the Attorney Generals Office will always deny claims against CPS, as the Attorney General will protect CPS, regardless of the cries. Unfortunately, citizens believe the falsehood regarding the Attorney General protects Indiana citizens. Quite similar, as citizens also believe the facade that CPS actually "protects" children or "preserves" families! Are we, the citizens of Indiana , so naive that we are simply paying an enormous amount of taxes without concern for any true necessary services to be rendered from our political leaders? The Attorney General Inspector, David Thomas, response: "" .. Do as you are told ... or loose..." He has known for over 14 years of the CPS crimes done to children, parents, and the mockery of the judicial system, but he ignores the crimes done by CPS. This means, the Attorney General Inspector is aware of the crimes and victimization of innocent citizens and harm to children, but no investigation will take place, citizens have no rights. But, isn't't investigation his job? He does get paid, right? For what? The Head of Department of Children Services, James Payne, response: ""... I concur with the agency's action in this matter." This means that even though the CPS workers committed perjury, falsification of court records, and gave an infant to a man, not known to be the father, for him the bash in her head, beat her fragile body, then DCF staff refuse medical treatment, and then the staff to hand walk the abuser into court, and refuse to tell the judge of his cocaine, and THC use, Bi-polar and Manic Depression, multiple arrests for battery, theft, robbery, and more. Even though this agency knew their allegations were all false, they still say they "substantiated" the allegations. By what you may ask. By perjury and falsification of documentation, of the social workers and case managers, employees paid for by the state. Doesn't substantiated mean valid factual evidence? Not when it comes to CPS. They are not held accountable or responsible for the lives of any child. They willingly defamed an innocent mother, kept her new born child from her for 7 months, then CPS acted like nothing happened. This is NOT an isolated case, this is the norm. Child Protection Service staff are liars. The Indiana Ethics Office: "We have received your complaints against FSSA and/or DCS. The Investigator General has already reviewed your complaint and determined that neither the Inspector General nor the Ethics Commission has jurisdiction over this case. Thank you for contacting us,...." This means that there is not one person in the state that will help a parent or child that is victimized by Child Protection Services. Not one. Not your Federal, State, or Local Representative, nor your City Council, Prosecutor, Police, not one person is willing to step in to stop the crimes of CPS toward innocent parents, children, and families as a whole. The Marion County Prosecutors office: " ..... We cannot help ... our hands are tied....." , Refused to allow the victim to file against her attacker, refused to allow a protective order to be served. This means that regardless of the crimes of the agency, CPS and their affiliates, their crimes go un-punished. They walk about as a god. The former Director of Prevent Child Abuse Indiana, Andie Marshall, response: "……..we advocate for systems that protect and support children. It is not an excuse but the sad reality is that Indiana has for too long allocated too little to meet the growing needs of families and people in stressful situations. We continually work to advocate for changes....(Editorial Indianapolis Indiana Star, 4/17/06)….. It was about the children under state' care. Not parents. It was the total of children under state' care each year with a 25-30% of the annual total of children under the state' care to die at the hands under the state providers, state fosters, ect…..and has been for over the past decade..." Over the past decade 25-30% of the annual total of children under the state' care, DIE at the hands under the state!!! Doesn't't this scare anyone? This means that even though it is known children are seriously abused and killed at the hands of strangers, placed into harms way by the care of this agency, CPS, which is costing Indiana tax payers over 1 billion dollars a year, but they still get paid to cause more harm to our innocent and precious children!!! Why not pump gas into a tank with a large hole in it, the effectiveness would be the same. The State Representative for my area; David Frizzell response: There was no response given to us as we sent hundreds of letters to all government officials begging for help from 4/20/05 through 12/22/05. No responses in return. But when we noted that the Attorney General does no more than to claim and deny any fault regarding the actions of all government agencies, big businesses, or big political supporters, David Frizzell responded 06/19/07 when I commented against Steve Carter' office, IAG, quickly saying: "…… I am making serious accusations….." So, the life of a child or the defaming hardship of an innocent young woman is unworthy to be concerned about and not important enough to respond to the constituent, but the statement of concern regarding the Attorney General' lack of concern or lack of action of the harm being done to the citizens by government, Big businesses, and Big political supporters, are worthy to immediately respond to safeguard his fellow politician? So, who is our elected officials to be the stewardship of service too? It is not, the citizens, at least, not in Indiana.

    In Indiana, state workers can commit crimes, such as juvenile guards can rape girls, officers can threaten to arrest women if they do not give them a b' job, the police can make false reports against women, but when a 911 tape is heard when a man is beating and assaulting a woman, the prosecutor's office laughs, then hid and lost the protective order filed by an attorney, refused to help when a state worker committed perjury and falsificaiton of court records, and refused medical treatment of a 4 month old infant girl that had her head bashed in by the man CPS handed the infant to. The mom fled from his abuse, then CPS took the infant to hand to the abuser. Did the prosecutor care? The did nothing! So the program, Close to Home, is nothing like the truth of Indiana. Crimes, corruptions, and the 'Good Old Boys' dictatorship of our political government is the truth, and the government in Indiana is all about their agency, not the needs or concerns of the citizens. If you want a good show, reveal and express the truth of Indiana' prosecutor' functioning. Women and children are defamed, harmed, ignored, and suffer, from the lack of the prosecutor's concern. Carl Brizzi runs his office as if he has a psychological issue against women and behaves as if he has an un-revealed desire to make children suffer. Either that, or he is simply a male chovanist, who looks down on those h e is to protect.

    How many babies are stolen all over the state by a government agency, called CPS, that is no more than an agency that claims to "protect", but they make large amounts of money from the tax payers and the federal bonuses and grants? {Human Marketing & Human Trafficking} How many children are alienated from the parents and siblings without true cause? The greatest risk factors for children to be removed from their home has nothing to do with abuse or neglect, as single women, low income, battered and abused, or uneducated, are the targets to loose their children. The Constitution is supposed to protect us. Our elected Politicians are supposed to support the written law, protect the citizens, and both listen and act up the concerns and needs of the people!! How corrupt can a state be? The Federal Government ignores the complaints and request complaints to be re-submitted to the people of the state who are committing the crimes and violations. The rights of citizens are stomped on when CPS states, "Sign this paper or you will never see your child again". Or when a doctor forces un-necessary, very expensive, and very harmful medications, to an infant, with the aide of CPS placing the infant under state care without a court order, just because the mother wants to request her own, well know and trusted Pediatrician, to take over the health care needs of her infant. Many can testify to this bulling tactic. Many children are removed from their parents and siblings, not because they needed to be protected, but because, the state needs children in the system to make a federal re-reimbursement profit. Doesn't this make anyone sick? Does it surprise anyone that none of our government officials believe the issue of children wrongfully removed from their home to be placed into harms way or for the state workers to lie and make a mockery of the courts, is worthy to be dealt with in a more vigorous manner? Indiana ' political official are more concerned for their political party issues, not the citizens!! It is the money, power, control to gain more money, at the expense of family unity and the children's well-being. How many citizens are being abused by our own government? Millions!! Who can or will investigate? No one in our Indiana government from the Governor to the police Detectives or Investigators! Child Protection Services, walk as a god, with disregard to all laws. For it is written: "Lord, thou hast heard the desire of the humble: thou wilts prepare their heart, thou wilt cause thine ear to hear: To judge the fatherless and the oppressed, that the man of the earth may no more oppress" Psalm 10:17 - 18. Do not the words, "One nation, under God, indefensible, with liberty, and justice for all", mean anything? Does it? What liberty, what justice, what rights in the Constitution, does CPS follow, honor, cherish, or give respect to? None! Again, the new age Hitler Dictatorship of CPS is real and stealing the rights of parents to be parents and children to bear the right to have heritage of their own family. What a shame, a criminal act towards all citizens in this state of Indiana , and of the nation!! We do not need more state workers in Indiana . We need state workers that know the difference from truth and fiction, honesty and perjury, and skilled with the ability to assess all situations objectively rather than personally biased values to project their own subjective issues onto the families encountered. We need judges that have the desire to be involved with the families and the issues that can be managed as a family unit, to ask for evidence rather than accepting hearsay, and if the case has no basis, the judge should drop the case immediately! When a young mother fled an abusive man, to protect herself and infant from domestic abuse, CPS made sure the abuser could abuse the infant, and he did, CPS handed the infant to the man without any proof of being the father, allowed he to bash her skull in, then CPS workers, refused medical treatment for the infant. Many pleads and begging for help at the Prosecutor's Office were made, in person many times, phone calls, black and white evidence handed, 911 calls, and letters, to no avail, as Myron Hockman, Community Prosecutor, Linda Majors, Stacy Hawk, Lisa Borges, then Chief of Staff for Prosecutor' Office, refused to care, listen or act. Myron Hockman, laughed at the 911 tape of the mother being battered, and the courts refused to serve a protective order filed by an attorney, 11/08/05. "Shatter the Silence" is ignored by the political figures in the state of Indiana , as women and children are meaningless. (Keep in mind this young woman fled with infant for safety from the abuse of this man that has been in mental institutional care, leaving AMA, ect. and every agency in the state of Indiana ignored the woman's cry for protection, safety, and having her right to be heard. But in Indiana, women and children have no rights, and every agency that is to help the vicitm, only victimized the victim over and over again. What kind of emotional well-being does anyone think this woman could be in??? No where to go, no one to listen, no one in Indiana felt it important enough to lift a finger. From Mitch Daniels, Governor, to Carl Brizzi, Marion Co. Prosecutor. Is this an isolated case? No, this is the norm, in Indiana. Just what do any government workers do for the people in Indiana ? We pay for what? Victimization, ignored, lied to, terrorized, and oppressed. Why do we even have an election? Campaign promises are lies. Perpetrators of Maltreatment is: Child Protection "Predator" Services CPS commits un-punished crimes against innocent parents and children and destroy families for Federal $$$Funds Physical Abuse – 59 by parents 160 by CPS; Sexual Abuse – 13 by parents 112 by CPS; Neglect – 241 by parents 410 by CPS; Medical Neglect – 12 by parents 14 by CPS; Fatalities – 1.5 by parents 6.4 by CPS;
    FACT: Number of Cases per 100,000 children in the United States . These numbers come from The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN) in Washington.. . One in four children, under state care Will die. This is an issue all over the nation!!!! For it is written: "Woe to those who make unjust laws, and those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people." Isaiah 10:1 I am a child of God, wife for 29 years to my high school sweetheart, mother of three grown children, grandmother of 4 precious children, and a Registered Nurse, BSN, a professional woman, that has witnessed how Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana, violated the right of a mother to choose her own well known and trusted doctor, as a Methodist doctor, who refused to sign off and give the case to the parent's selected doctor, and directed the violation of activity toward the patient, and all other hospital staff refused to allow the patient a Patient Advocate, professionals re-wrote the medical chart, forced the mother to sign a waiver for a second opinion on the legal document of Methodist Hospital as mother was threatened to never see her baby again it she refused to sign, forced the mother to also sign a CHINS paper for CPS, overdosed a 5 day old infant with a highly toxic medications without any rationale, signs or symptoms to pursue to do so, and CPS staff defamed an innocent mother, by perjury, falsification of documentation, and violating their own policies and procedures. CPS continued to hand an infant to a man that bashed in her skull concave, but the CPS workers refused to allow the infant medical care. My family' life and belief with NEVER be the same. This is how women and children are treated in Indiana . May God help us all who suffer? A lengthy horrific 911 tape of my daughter being attacked in her own car, as the man lounged through the driver' window, I sat paralyzed in the passenger' seat. The prosecutor's office, laughed. Pretend this is your daughter on the 911 tape, you sit in the passenger' seat, you know the man attacking your daughter is high on cocaine, you have in hand a court order to pick up the 10 month old baby girl, who is sitting in the man' back seat of his car, as his car is running, driver door open, parked in the middle of the street, the police refuse to honor the court order, allow the man to leave with the infant, and the prosecutor's office laughs at the 911 tape, and courts refused to serve a protective order. How you would feel? What would you do? The state of Indiana, especially, Marion County, allows this to happen to innocent women and children. This is a small amount of hell, we have suffered, and nothing was or is done. Women and children mean nothing in Indiana. How can the US help stop the citizens from being harmed in Iraq or teach the leaders in Iraq to care for their citizens, when innocent women and children are being victimized right here in the US, by our own government, and our elected officials ignore the issues? Since the government promoted bonuses to each state for adoptions, more and more children are being "stolen" from their loving and safe homes, CPS workers will commit perjury to use the "Magic Words" just to gain custody of a child without allowing parents due process, to be sold. *** Children's Bureau Express Nov 2004 HHS Awards Adoption Bonuses to States On October 14, 2004, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tommy G. Thompson announced the awarding of $17,896,000 in adoption bonuses to 31 States and Puerto Rico. The funding comes from the Adoption Incentives Program and is given to States that were successful in increasing the number of adoptions from the public child welfare system over the number of adoptions in 2002. ....The threshold to receive incentives has been reset based on the number of adoptions in FY 2002, making States that reached their highest number of adoptions in the earlier years of the program more likely to qualify for a bonus. ..." (This is when the massive amount of children began to be removed by mere false allegations, parents defamed, families detroyed, and children sold like cattle, as the human trafficking profit for the federal bonus incentives!) Children, do not have to be abused, raped, or mistreated, or murdered, please, their voices must be heard!!!! Many children are being abused under state care, parents are being defamed, and families are being destroyed, needlessly. This must stop!! Please, help our leaders to see what is happening to the people they have been blessed by God, to serve for His Sake! My heart is full of sorrow, like never felt before, and tears flow without dryness near. Precious, innocent, unborn children, are slaughtered, not be cave men, but be educated professionals, and our leaders, turn their heads of the blood shed. If only the US First Lady had the grace, kindness, and love, for the people of our nation, as that of Princess Diana expressed, rather than to passively allow her nation to be victimized by the government agency, Child Protection Services and judges, that fail to protect those under their care. May the suffering and blood of every child, parent, and entire families, be on the hands of every politicial figure that has turned away to ignore the suffering of the cries of the US citizens. They all need our prayer for mercy to be given to them. I am a professional woman that has witnessed first hand the lies and crimes of CPS and how there is no where to go for protection of this government agency that walks as a god, but does evil to destroy the innocent. Citizens have no avenue for protection against this government agency that causes more harm than good, and "protection" is the least of the motivation, as money is the controlling factor. Interesting web page of victimized parents who have choosen to speak the truth of the crimes of the US government agency, Child Protection Services, and the violation of Human Rights, and the US Constitution. or Thank you for reading this, I sincerely mean every word written from the depths of my heart and soul, shall I continue to pray for the Hand of God to reveal the truth about the crimes, of Child Protection Services.
  • The story of a working mom who fights the forces of evil and corruption in her hometown.

    This is one of the best (and sadly underrated) TV crime dramas in recent memory. The storylines were gripping, gritty and sometimes moving, the acting superb, and the drama was top notch. Why did CBS choose to cancel this classic? This was one of my favorite shows because it was the story of how an 'ordinary' working mom can make a difference for the better, no matter what obstacles life throws at her. I admired the strength of Annabeth Chase, the integrity and tenacity of Maureen Scofield, and the humor and great love story of Annabeth and Jack. Was upsetting to see him killed at the end of Season 1.

    It's down to earth and does not center around violence. Seems the moral virtues in this show is not real to life, LOL!~ So much corrupt layers out there. Good to see a display of the conscious moral values upheld for the sake of true justice and not a PAYOFF
  • So at first, I was like WHAT, Now it's like WOOO!

    At first I must admit when I watched this, I was like what on earth is this show? It seemed boring because it went STRAIGHT into the court room, something I don't like when it comes to shows like law and order.

    But Oh how I was so WRONG. I have now come to appreciate just how good the show is. It has twists, enjoyable moments and a bit of real emotion tied into a great plot.

    The bits with annabelle and her husband are great and the hour it is on seems to fade away and pass in no time.

    I'm a great fan of ALL crime shows and this one has become a new top favourite. Great!
  • This is a really great ahow despite it's bad reviews...

    I think this is a really great show, I love this type of show, about lawyers, criminals and stuff, and this one is one of the good ones, not the bad!!!! The actors are doing a great job and a really like the characters Annabeth and Meureen, they are very believable. I really enjoyed the bits regarding Annabeth's personal life in season one and really miss the tlks she used to have with her husband about her cases and the consequences of it...
    I think there is nothing wrong with this show and thai it ahoul go on, cause I like it!!!!
  • i started watching at the start of season one but then i stopped because it stared to get boring.

    i know a lot of you will proberly disagree, but this is what i think. i started watching because i knew christian kane was in it so i couldn't wait to see it. i kept on watching to try & see him more but it was not happening! i then started to like the plot lines. but then... i found myself wanting the episode to finish. i then switched off. sorry to all you close to home fans!!!!
  • Someone please tell me what is going on with David Elliot's hair! They really should give him a better hair style. On JAG, he was soooo handsome. Now his hair is just awful. They could at least make it look REAL!

    Someone please tell me what is going on with David Elliot's
    hair! They really should give him a better hair style. On JAG, he was soooo handsome. Now his hair is just awful. They could at least make it look REAL! His presence on the show is great, but his demeanor and hair have just got to go!
    The color of his hair is totally wrong and it actually looks like a hair piece. I cannot say enough about how disappointed I am with his new look on this new show. His new role does not seem to fit him. Maybe because he did such a wonderful, excellent job on my favorite show, JAG.
    David Bellasario is from my hometown and I admire him for all of his work on all of his shows. Too bad he didn't do this new show. Once again, David Elliott's hair is terrible!
  • Im addicted!

    I was hooked from the first episode i saw of this show. I caught a clip of it during an advert break while watching tennis. Annabeth Chase (Jennifer Finnigan) is a prosecutor who returns to work after maternity leave to find out she missed out on a promotion. The show has changed quite a bit in the second season and has lost some of its original story line by moving away from Annabeths homelife. We havent seen her little girl Haley for a few episodes now. I think that there still needs to be some character development but the show is still great. I particularly love Annabeths determination. She is confident and this sometimes hides the fact that Maureen is her superior. It may be unrealistic in that Annabeth has a near perfect conviction rate but no one wants to watch a show where the criminal always gets away with it.

    As for me im addicted I have it on my computer and watch almost everyday when I have time.
  • Wonderfully slick production values, good acting and some nice plots horrendeously let down by an utterly awful main sub-plot that should make any person with even a passing knowledge of real life situations cringe with disgust.

    I really thought I'd like this show - it seemed to have all the right elements; wonderful looks, sexy characters, split emotional situations (at work and home) and quick, sometimes explosive, dialogue. However I found I was barely able to get through a five minute slot without cringing at the ridiculous main sub-plot:

    Lawyer and husband in equally well-paid job 'having' to go back to work despite their huge incomes which creates an issue with them not being able to look after their child properly. Are we supposed to side with them or get annoyed by this lack of a situation they find themselves in - you're amazingly well-off, either take time off to look after your child or don't complain about it. Everytime the pity card was played I found myself seething with annoyance at this pathetically contrived situation (as should anyone who knows, or at least understands, how hard it is to actually bring up a child on limited income). In the end it got so bad that the slick production values of the programme simply couldn't save it for me, I'd rather watch something which doesn't try to shove a moralistic viewpoint down my throat while singularly failing to realise that it's been hoist by it's own petard.
  • This show was great in the first season but now in it's second season it is going downhill.

    In Close to Home's first season it was my favorite show but then Annabeth's husband died and there were a whole new cast (exept her and that other girl). Know it isn't as good as it used to be because in the first season it showed Annabeth having a husband and a child and being a lawyer at the same time and how much her husband Jack loved her. It was a great show and i still watch it but I don't like it as much as I used to. What do you think about the show and how it changed from season 1 to 2?
  • love it since episode 1

    This is one of the few tv shows i actually watched from the first episode on and i'm still watching. I actually liked because the main character allready had a happy family so there was no place for office relationships like in all the other shows. Too bad they killed Jack off :( That was really useless in my opinion. I felt so sorry for Annabeth. I think i even cried a little. Other then that i love all the cases in this show. They're all so interesting and believeble. And of course the fact it has something CSI-ish (if that word would excist) I really love this show!
  • Interesting, Informative, Intense

    I adore dramas with trials. This show doesn't disappoint. The needling dialogue of the prosecuters is fantastic. The storylines are interesting, and the way they decipher the evidence is informative. I really enjoy watching the emerging relationships between the characters and I like the new direction that the show is going. With less of a basis on home life the actual gathering of the evidence and the final trial scenes are much more intense. The writers do an excellent job. The characters are amazing. Even though the premise of the show changed from family and neighborhood orientation, they still manage to show that there's a connection, thus keeping the title of the show continuous with the show. Well done
  • Where are we going with this?

    I\'m not sure exactly what happened between these last two seasons. Admittedly, I missed a few episodes here and there this past Spring and then the season was over. Jennifer Finnigan and Kimberly Elise have consistently done a bang-up job tag-teaming both the courtroom and their prospective audience. Perhaps a combination of ineffective writing and ineffective acting, \'Close To Home\' is now feeling rather stiff and rehearsed. David James Elliott is throwing off the entire cast chemistry with his wry Clint Eastwood-like demeanor and phony Pierce Brosnan-like suaveness. Please save this show before it\'s too late.
  • This was a great show, but lost it in Season 2.

    I LOVED Close To Home when it was in its first season. It was dramatic and intense and people watching could relate to the crimes in a way. They happened in a regular neighborhood, not an exotic locale. The chemistry between the characters was amazing. Anabeth had a child and husband, so viewers could relate to her as well. She was a parent, but she was tough on criminals and put several away. The season finale for season 1 came. Jack died. To me, it seemed unneccessary and overly dramatic for the show, but then again it\'s on CBS so lame deaths like that are expected. (Keeping the BS in CBS) I went into season 2 optimistic. Anabeth still had her child, so it wasn\'t like we still couldn\'t relate to her. Oh, David James Elliot was joining toO! Even better, right? WRONG! While I watched the first episode of season 2 I was thinking: \"This is a joke, right? The old characters will jump out of a closet and shout SURPRISE! at me. The old plotline will be back and Anabeth will get the hell out of Indiana or wherever she is.\" Never happened. The new format makes the show seem like it takes place in a hospital, not a friendly small town like it used to. David James Elliot doesn\'t make the situation better, on the contrary, he makes it worse. Instead of Anabeth being the solid, independent woman that she used to be, she is now a henchman for Mr. Elliot and answers to his every call like some kind of robot. Don\'t get me wrong, you should watch Close To Home, unless you have something better to do, like repaint your walls or mow your lawn or give your cat a bath. If Friday night television is a must for you, then check out Ghost Whisperer, which is on right before Close To Home. The main characters are pretty much the same (Jennifer Love Hewitt plays her character WAY better than Jennifer Finnegan) but Ghost Whisperer still excels at what it does.
  • To watch if you do not have anything else to watch...

    Now, this is a little show that I would call pleasant. Nothing special, a little "Law & Order" home made type with as a star witness a new made mom, Annabeth Chase, prosecutor. I have no idea how she was before she had a baby, but now, she looks like she has all the answers and all the wisdom and energy from her newly acquired motherhood. And she is wonderfully slim only 3 months after delivery... but let's not go there.

    This show embraces well the new trend that includes loving and supportive husbands: as cheesy as in "Ghost Whisperer", not as critical, realistic and humoristic as in "Medium".

    As I said, the show defends itself and is easy to the eye and the intellectual. Actually, I don't even need to watch it, I can predict 70% of the events and even the lines. But why do I watch the show, then? I'm a TV addict and I am recording Rome on the other channel, to watch it carefully right after! :)
  • Go back! What was that!

    When I started watching this show back in 2005 I loved it. I
    like all the characters and the actors and actresses that where in the show. Also the stories and cases were great. So of course like everyone who loved the first season I couldn't wait for the second season. But when the second season came i learned that some, 3 to be exact were replaced. I didn't like that to much, well I didn't like that at all. I stil watch the show but Im not to much liking the cases and stories this season. I still don't like the 3 new characters, but I still watch the show because one of my favorite actresses Kimberly Elise is stil there, so as long as she on the show I will still be watching.
  • This show is absolutely informative. I learn so much from this show....and every episode hits \\\"Close To Home\\\".

    I cannot begin to express how much i like the show.
    It is unoriginal ....and yet completely unique!

    What can i say, this show just has it all; great drama, great acting, great writing, great directing and great stories, that continue to echo even when the episode is finished.

    The awesomeness about this show is that each episode is so revealing.
    It\\\'s like the viewers get to fully understand why some people do the things they do in life.

    Aside from that, every episode reveals a little more about the personality and characteristics of its cast.

    This show definitely has a long future ahead of it.
  • Excellent!! JERRY BRUCKHEIMER HAS DONE IT AGAIN!! Captavating, surprising!! A Real treat!! This shows how twisted Suburbs can be!!

    First season started off a little slow, but this season seems to be on top of it!! This show is one to watch!! It's great, powerful, intriguing, not your typical lawyer show like Matlock or even Law & Order it's WAY BETTER!! It has you look at the prosecuting angle and how they do things to bring someone to trial, and quite possibly get a conviction. Excellent writing and directing, I love this show. Sure, it may have been done before, but this brings it to a whole new element. What ever happened to Anabeth's husband? I know he died, but I didn't see the season finale so I'm not sure what happened, if someone could fill me in.
  • This is a good show. But I\'m confused Today is sept 29 and no episode summary....Look below for the episode summary from my tv guide!

    This is a really good show. It\'s not like most of the legal dramas that are on tv. Every week I come to this site and check out whats going to happen. Usually you guys are right on it. However, for this show you seemed to have missed it. So here\'s the info from my tv guide for all you viewers out there. A wife accused of murdering her psychiatrist husband decides to represent herself and she produces evidence of psychological abuse against their children as her defense. Hope that helps everybody that was looking just like me. ok??
  • Wonderful show!

    This show is very well done, the cast is wonderful and the story lines are very well written.. I really like that they brought in James Elliot from Jag (harm). It gives the show a new flavor and a nice mix up. Annabeth is a very sweet girl with a little bit of spunk and hardness under he belt. Its different that many other law shows out there today as it brings in the flavor of family life and the fears any parent deals with in the world today.. I really enjoyed watching the new season tonight.. and wow Baby Haley in the new season is adorable! Anyone notice?
  • Close to Home is about a family dealing with topics that happens next to her or down the street from her. Sometimes the case scares her but she deals with it all in the end with the help of her teammates and her husband. The team has many cases to solve.

    i like the show very much because it can show the viewers what can happen to people that live next to them or down the street from them. I wonder what they are going to do since her husband got killed at the end of one of the episode. Everyone in the show are good actors and actresses and I, personally think it is wonderful show that everyone should consider watching either by themselves or with their entire family. The show also talks and deals with topics that could happen every day. Everyone on the show works as a team.
  • extremely good

    not the best show around, but is well worth a check out- i cant believe so many people have given it such a low score!!
    i am quite a big fan, i miss some episodes now and again but when i watch it, i never get bored, me and my sister try to watch it every week on living tv, its not always possible but its on repeate on sunday. so sometimes we catch that one instead. definitely worth a check out.
    give it a chance, you'll either love it or hate it.
    definitely very underappreciated, its very good, expecially when you get into it!!!
  • Close to home is yet another thrilling crime drama, but revamped so it is twice as thrilling and, Close to Home, just as it is called.

    Close to Home documents the solving of brutal crimes that happen in normal, happy communities. Sort of like your best friend neighbor that would never do anything wrong just raped your daughter. Annabeth Chase is the prosecuter who is one of the people who helps solve the horrible crimes commited, and prosecute the criminal. I've noticed that she sometimes isnt confident about how she delivered her case, and gets worried that the criminal will walk. Sometimes thisturns bad, and she strikes a deal with the suspects lawyer, and the suspect gets off with less than they deserved. All and all, the show is excellent.
  • An ADA returns to work after having a baby and prosecutes the crimes that hit "close to home".

    I am so proud of Jennifer Finnigan (I used to watch her on Student Bodies), fellow Canadian girl, and look how far she has come. She is such a good actress and every scene with Annabeth and her daughter just tugs at my heart. Christian Kane is talented as well (nice to see him in a role where he plays the nice guy for once). He is a very good-looking man - there should definitely be more camera time with Jack. This show is one of my "I like to watch it but if I miss an episode I won't die" shows - that being said - it has a really great cast - and it's interesting to see a lawyer show where we actually care and like the lawyers. Maybe it's because they work for the DA's office, and are not criminal defense lawyers. I don’t know how long this show will last, but I will be watching it while it lasts.
  • interesting, entertainging and exiting!!

    this started a few week's ago in Australia and i have seen 4 epipodes and i really like it. i haven't seen a legal drama to the great standard of this in a very long time. the acting is sensational (especially by the "The bold and the beautifuls" Jennifer Finigan who is well suited for the part and proves she is very deserving of the 3 daytime emmy awards that she has won. i hope this programme continues to be as exiting and as well writen as it has been to this point and you may just have a new crowd favourite!!!
  • When I first started watching this, I wasn't all that into it... but the more I watched it, the more I seem to like it.

    I think what helped matters was the change from Tuesday nights to Friday nights. And then the with the season finale has, sad to say, peeked my interest. With Jack Chase being killed in a drunk driving accident comes new territory for the show, and maybe even introduce some of Jack & Annabeth's family.

    I must admit that the show has a ways to go to reach one of my ultime favorites, but it is well on its way. The season finale has me wanting to check into the next season, so thank you for that! :)

    If I remember correctly Annabeth & Jack had been talking about adding another addition to the family; now that Jack's gone, will Annabeth turn up pregnant? Just curious.
  • I've lost the plot

    Maybe it's just me, but I just don't see what others see in this show. It's less than thrilling with underwhelming and actually annoying performances by the actors. Finnigan in particular comes across as an extremely annoying blondish woman just delivering lines. That said, the storylines are interesting, and I like the premise; crime is all around us. Its very new age Miss Marple which is kind of cool; the concept sounds extremely appealing on paper. But I tuned in two or trhee times and each time ended up turning to the news or MTV, extremely disappointed. This one's missed the mark for me; but props to anyone who can derive pleasre from this tv viewing experience.
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