Close to Home

CBS (ended 2007)





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  • Again, it figures that a show I enjoy and love to watch gets wacked in favor of dumb new shows. Why do the networks do that? It pisses me off! I hate getting atached to shows because I know dam well and good they'll be gone after a season or 2. It sucks!

    Good show. A favorite. But of course, the stupid idiots at the network had to go and wack it! Bring it back! Close to Home was a good family show. I just don't understand why all the good shows get cut off and these dumb new shows get to be put in their place. My family enjoyed the show and now it's gone. I guess we'll just have to start watching more movies and less TV...the network aughta really love that lose of ratings. I guess a trip to the Blockbuster for Friday night movies will be in the works tonight.