Close to Home

Season 1 Episode 19

Sex, Toys and Videotape

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2006 on CBS

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  • Woman doesn't claim to be who she is!

    Annabeth takes on the case of a woman who would thought to have been a squeaky clean virgin and was murdered by her husband or former husband I should say. But then they find out that she isn't who she seems and that she really had sex with several other men. Very griping show as well as over the top as one reviewer has said.
  • Unfortunate, Over-the-top and Unbelievable

    This was not my favorite episode. I thought the reactions of the characters were un-realistic. I do understand the shock value that they were going for here, however, I don't think it's realistic to think that the Groom would be in cahoots with the ex ... nor that the ex would actually go for it, no matter how much money was dangled in front of them.

    I know that the writers have it in them to give us equally shocking but more believable storylines. I'm not giving up on this show ... I'll keep watching it. I'm sure that since it's new, it will have some growing pains.

    All in all, it could have been a worse episode, yet it could also have been more cleverly thought out.
  • Annabeth takes the case involving a would be bride that was murdered apparently by her ex-husband.

    A story within a story as Annabeth takes the case against a man who murdered his ex-wife who was masquerading as a virgin to another man.

    Really bizarre but entertaining episode. Annabeth takes the case against a man , Rodney Wallace who allegedly murdered his ex-wife Katrina Moore who was getting married while masquerading as a virgin. The groom Jeffrey Drake is questioned but he pleads his innocence. He also pleads ignorance when he finds out that he’s would be bride had a double-life. Turns out she wasn’t a virgin and was quite un-lady like engaging in role-play rough sex acts with her then husband Rodney.

    As details about Moore’s double life come to life, Drake loses it and shoots Rodney in a fit of rage. However just when we think this is the end of the episode. The writers put in another plot twist. I didn’t quite it see it coming as it’s a very complicated plot but it made sense. Pretty neat twist.

    Annabeth once again shows her stuff along with Maureen who does a lot as well.

    I enjoyed it pretty much including that ridiculous outburst by Drake at the end which shows his true colors. Great episode.
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