Close to Home

Season 2 Episode 7

Silent Auction

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2006 on CBS

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  • Good episode. Would have been better if there had been more scenes with Conlon. I'm surprised they didn't use the standard 'Munchausen' lines. But overall, a pretty good ep, imho.

    I'm surprised they didn't use the standard 'Munchhausen' lines. But overall, a pretty good ep, imho.
    Seems to me that CBS doesn't realize that a lot of DJE's fans are watching the show - and watching for every scene he's in. He's underused on the show, I think, and could be used more. Plus, we need more information on the characters - we're slowly getting bits and pieces of Conlon's background - we need more about the detectives. What did Williams blow a whistle on to earn the enmity of the police? Why did Ray come to Indy with Conlon? What was with his gasping for breath in the season opener when he and Ed were chasing a suspect? I know this is a procedural, but even the L&O shows are starting to reveal bits and pieces about the characters.
  • A man Peter Dewhurst is murdered, Annabeth then tries to find the real murderer and bring her justice.

    Very decent episode, one of those type of episodes that initially starts in one direction then goes another as it ends. Annabeth finds out that the victim, a schoolteacher named Peter Dewhurst, was probably having an affair. However, as the investigation wears on Annabeth finds evidence that another woman, Caroline Cummins, might have been stalking the family of Dewhurst then finished the obsession with killing Peter. There's a twist involving another main character Sally Marin, but I'll leave that a secret for now.

    Quality acting all around. This woman Caroline comes of as being normal, but slowly the evidence shows her ugly side.
    Stalking is a scary thing let alone a psycho that won't stop at stalking someone but at killing them, especially when someone else gets in the way.

    This one's worth watching.
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