Close to Home

Season 1 Episode 18

Still a Small Town

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Annabeth investigates the murder of a friend from school John Holse who was attacked by a man The murder happens during an unfriendly football game. The main suspect is Stu Green who punch John on the back of the head leaving him dead. Steve thinks this is manslaughter but Annabeth and Maureen think there is more to this story. However, a bottle of Gatorade reveals that John was poisoned with antifreeze. His wife's prints are all over the bottle but she pleads her innocence. A hidden camera in the guy's locker room reveals that John's friend Nick Fletcher gave him the bottle. Having no real evidence to pursue Holse's wife, Laurie, they bring back Nick for questioning. apparently Nick and John had some arguments over business. It seems Nick was stealing money from John.. Maureen and Annabeth then formally charge Nick with attempted murder of John Holse. Annabeth and Steve discuss strategy for the trial. They agree to use John's wife, and Nick. The trial starts and Annabeth uses Detective Drummer to show the locker tape showing the poisoned bottle being handed by Nick to John Mr. Reed an eyewitness testifies to seeing Nick searching a library for toxins and antifreeze showing Nick's motive to kill John. Nick's attorney attacks Reed for using marijuana trying to show lack of credibility. However, Drummer during the break reveals that they found antifreeze in Nick's garage mixed in with dog food. Annabeth remembers that Nick had a terrier but the terrier is missing. She assumed the likely scenario that Nick tested the poison on the dog first before using it on John The dead dog of Nick is found. Medical examiner Albert Schimdt examines the dog and determines the dog was poisoned by antifreeze. The jury eventually finds Nick guilty of murder. An IRS agent comes in at the end and tells Annabeth about the case with Nick (who was embezzling money from John). Annabeth visits Fletcher and gives him the news that John was not putting up charges against him. It seems that Nicholas had in fact then killed John Holce for nothing.