Close to Home

Season 1 Episode 11

The Good Doctor

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

A couple has been attacked in their home, and the wife was killed. The husband, Dr. Sutton claims that Austin Jackson, a teenager that the family has been helping was the one who attacked them. He is arrested, but is adamant in saying he didn't do it. Annabeth and Maureen investigate him and find out he had his problems, but has been improving and staying out of trouble since the Sutton family started to help him via a youth program.

Dr. Sutton gives his statement to Annabeth, and basically says that he and his wife were asleep when Austin appeared in the room and started to stab his wife, when he tried to defend her, he got stabbed as well. He claims Austin must've done this because they stopped helping him after he was caught steeling things from them. One of the sons corroborate Dr. Sutton's statement that Austin freaked when the family told him not come by anymore because he was stealing things.

Austin's roommate confirms that he was home during the time of the attack, and could not have left without him noticing, and none of his neighbors saw him leave his house that night. Meanwhile a nurse tells Annabeth that the Doctor's wounds looked a lot more self inflicted than an enraged attack. They theorize that the doctor could have stabbed himself to cover the fact that he murdered his wife.

Annabeth take Dr. Sutton's scans to the medical examiner and asks him if the wounds could be self inflicted and how could he do it, he says it is possible and due to the fact that all three stabbings missed any major internal organ it was likely the Doc did it to himself.

Annabeth and Maureen find out that Dr. Sutton and Mrs. Sutton were having marital problems and she was consulting a divorce lawyer, so they have a strong motive for why Dr. Sutton would kill his wife. Her attorney confirms she wanted a divorce, but doesn't give any specifics; just that Mrs. Sutton kept a detailed log of why she should get full custody of their kids. They search the house and find that she kept a log on her laptop, but the files were deleted a few days before she was murdered.

Maureen and Annabeth confront the good doctor with the evidence, but he denies everything. They tell him that the fingerprints on the knife are consistent with someone cutting something with it, not stabbing someone, and that he used the knife to frame Austin. The police arrest Dr. Sutton and drop the charges against Austin.
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