Close to Home

Season 1 Episode 11

The Good Doctor

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 2006 on CBS

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  • The good doctor is not so good.

    The beginning of the show was very bloody. There is a brutal murder, and attempted murder. A young black man with a bad past is accused of the crimes. As the case is looked into deeper, seems things are not as they seem. To think, a young man could have ended up in prison for life, for a crime he did not commit!!! I thought it was very admirable for the lawyers to go and apologize to the wrongly accused young man.
  • Annabeth takes on a respected Doctor and proves things aren't always as the seem.

    One of the better episodes in my book. One of the things that stuck out for me was how easy it is to frame someone if you want to and plan correctly. In real life, this young man would be doing 25 to life somewhere. Without the intervention of the son with the database info, the father would have gotten off here.

    The characters are coming along nicely. I was concerned when it first came on if the 2 stars could transition from their prior roles to this show. So far, it's going well.
  • Great episode...

    This episode showed a lot skills by Annabeth and Mareen to investigate this case, in a situation like this it'd be really hard to someone to try to get any more deeper in that, even because they had the murder weapon with a fingerprint and victims' blood on it, to get the things worse the prime suspect was a black guy with a criminal record, there was no way that someone with a profile like that would walk in any jury...
    The digging up done by the prosecutors was very well done, they looked at all evidence, at all exams done at the ER, the way the stab wounds were made and the way the fingerprint was located the knife. To enhance the episode heat the defense was really good but the greatest point was when Annabeth put the doctor on the wall challenging him to do a drug test...
    Great episode, one of the best so far...
  • Annabeth prosecutes a case involving a respected doctor who accuses a teenage delinquent of murdering his wife.

    Wow, what an episode of Close to Home. It was really sad though. How the father killed his wife because she knew that he was getting high of medicine. I love the plot stories of this show. It is a great show. They can really get some crazy cases though.
  • Loved it!

    A doctor murders his wife and blames it on a black man.......typical.

    I really enjoyed the beginning of this episode, wit the bloody husband calling 911, and the dead wife on the bed, the arresting of Austin, until they started making too many references to Jekyll and Hyde....okay, I got it.

    My interest was pulled back into the episode with the twist that the good doctor was actually the killer, and he only did it to protect his secret of being a pain pill addict.

    It was nice seeing Maureen in the courtroom, although she should run a case by herself one time.

    Overall, great episode, and I'm also happy that it did not end with her and her husband and her baby AGAIN!