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Season 1 Episode 20

The Shot

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 05, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Annabeth takes the case about a jock who shoots another jock during a basketball bonfire rally.

The victim Josh Cooper is shot by his teammate Colin Parks. However eyewitnesses say that the shooting was an accident. It seems that the victim Josh might have been taking steroids.

On the witness stand, Patrick Leary a witness claims that Colin shot Josh. Leary's credibility is questioned when he it's revealed he has dyslexia. Maureen saves the witness by petitioning the court to let Leary prove that he could see the crime committed. Leary scores major points at the scene by showing that his view wasn't blocked in front of the jurors.

The shooter's dad takes the stand and in a bizarre surprise admits that he tried to stop the fight but when that didn't work he shot Josh. This contradicts Colins's confession that he shot Josh.

Annabeth now thinks both the dad and son are lying to get a hung jury so Colin can walk. Maureen and Annabeth agree to put Josh's dad on the stand and destroy his confession.

Maureen, Annabeth and Steve go over the court papers and testimony. The testimony of the dad contradicts the actual reports that Josh wasn't a bad kid.

Upon uncovering more facts about Josh, they learn that Josh is gay and perhaps he and Colin were involved. Annabeth is happy as now she has a motive for killing and destroying the credibility of Colin Parks or his dad's testimony.

They re-interview Colin who now learns that his dad has now been charged with the murder. Colin is upset because he did kill Josh. Colin now blurts out all the details up to the shooting. He and Josh were lovers and Colin's dad walked in on them.

Josh wanted to go away with Colin and come out as gay but Colin didn't trust himself and shot him.

In the end, Maureen and Annabeth go easy on Colin and give a sentence for voluntary manslaughter with 12 to 20 years being served.