Close to Home

Season 1 Episode 20

The Shot

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 05, 2006 on CBS

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  • A Parent is almost always going to try to save their kids from doing time, in my opinion... most parents, as in the good parents...

    So the father changing his account of how things happened shouldn't be entirely surprising. It would be a good way to get the kids off.

    But then again, to have their child take the rap, even temporarly, stinks to high heaven... and yet a lot of parents do this. Tis isn't a good thing.

    Personally, however, I think more character development is needed on the show, and a bit more... I dunno ... something. It's helped that the show moved to Friday's...

    I am looking forward to next season... I just hope that there are better cases, and better character developments...
  • Not my favorite episode, because of the case inconsistencies.

    Sometimes i don't get how producers change reality of process to fit the plot. I know the kid confessed the murder, but not even test him for GSR, or a CSU unit processing the scene?, i know the lawyers are the stars, but despite the show, every police/DA departmet works the same. Said that, the story was good, those kind of things actually happen even these days, some kid under their parents pressure prefer to die or kill instead of come out and tell he is gay.
    On the other hand we see that a mother reaction to the news is way too different from a father's. Mothers are always more protective and understanding than a father who prefers being charge of murder instead of let the world know his kid is homosexual.
  • Saw it coming

    saw the plot/outcome of the episode a mile away.

    I knew it was going to be tied into a gay storyline, with a homophobic Dad, who rather go to jail than to let his son face his sexuality.

    It was nice to see Maureen taking charge of the case.

    Overall, it was still a good episode, even though the ending was predictable.
  • These writers should watch CSI and get a clue on evidence gathering.

    I thought the plot was interesting with the twist of the boy\'s relationship with his friend. I found it very annoying that the only witness was dyslexic, but I guess they had to have something for cross examination. Are there no reliable witnesses in TV court cases? I found it more than very annoying that they did not do gun shot residue test on the boy. Of course, would have taken away the father\'s ability to put it on him. But then, they would not have had a show if they did the test. I do like how they tie in all the shows to her personal life.
  • Good Episode But A Clumsy Outcome/Motive

    I've never watched "Close To Home" before but I tuned in to this episode because an up-and-coming young actor (Dylan Edrington) was featured in it. He plays Josh Cooper, a high-school basketball who is killed in a mysterious shooting at a celebration bonfire. Both Jennifer Finnigan and Kimberly Elise gave great performances as the series regulars, and the writing was well-done as the story twisted and turned as to why Josh's teammate and friend would - or did - shoot him. When the truth is revealed, it was sort of a disappointment. Josh and his friend were having a secret gay relationship, and Josh was going to leave town. Not wanting him to leave, he shot Josh, because "he loved him." Um, okay. Anyways, a solid episode and a job well done by all involved, but the entire reason as to why Josh's killer shot him was just dumb.