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Season 2 Episode 3

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2006 on CBS

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  • Drugs, Weirdo's, Justice

    Same Same Same, I like the show, I like the premise ... I like the characters ... but the storylines are a little redundant. This storyline however was not redundant. There were some nice little twists, well not nice, actually evil ... but ... well you know what I mean. The people that Annabeth and her partners are prosecuting are slippery little suckers. It's no wonder the guy kept getting away with it, with a weirdo wife like he had. Anyway ... Justice was served and that's really what the show is all about. It was pretty creepy at the end when the hubby and wife were being arrested and how they were like, "love ya babe" and "love you too babe". How weird is that? Twisty and good eppy.
  • Something is wrong with this series

    Something is wrong with this series that I\'d hoped would be rectified by the new talent they brought in for the second season. Bad writing, direction & acting. The actual storylines are great, which is why I keep trying to watch the series, but the writing and direcion is so bad, it\'s silly. All the actors have proven themselves in previous projects, I know they are not the problem. In fact that\'s another reason I keep tuning in. But it\'s really becoming painful to sit through an entire episode. Thank goodness the actors have all done exceptional work in previous years, cause I cannot see this show being renewed for a 3rd season. Of course the way the networks seem to keep dumb shows & get rid of the good ones (this being renewed for a 2nd season case in point) may mean that the ensemble will get to keep om collecting paychecks. & heck, who can begrudge them that. I just wish that the show lived up to its potential.
  • Very tough to watch IMO!

    This show was very tough to watch involving a man who was accused of rape as the case seems to be an open and shut one but really it is only beginning there. As his wife maybe involved in the teenager's rape. And the couple are hiding a secret that has been buried a long time ago. But now will be revelaed thanks to the smartness of Annabeth.