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For the first time, Pete Young (Jeremy Sumpter) takes a risk--perhaps the only risk of his young life--when he applies for and lands his dream job as a batboy for the New York Empires. The problem is that his single mother, Lynne (Mare Winningham) has no idea what he's up to. Until now, he's been the golden boy while his rebellious older sister, Betsy (Kirsten Storms), has always been in the doghouse. Pete attends a strict Catholic high school where he hangs out with his best friend, Mike (Dan Byrd), who hopes to cash in on his friend's new position in life. On the job, Pete becomes a member of a new family that includes Conrad Dean (Dean Cain), the team's captain and star third baseman and one of the boy's all-time idols, who takes on the role of an older brother. Also in the clubhouse are Pete's boss, Lou Russo (Christopher Lloyd), a gruff but fair equipment manager who becomes a much-needed father figure; Carlos Tavares (John Ortiz), a rookie who believes that Pete is his good luck charm, and Jose Marquez (JD Pardo), the Empires' territorial head batboy. Pete is over the moon at being part of his favorite team but he must still balance life at home and life in the big leagues as he faces the moral dilemmas and curve balls that are thrown his way. (CBS Press Release) NOTE: The show is inspired by Matt McGough's experiences as a batboy for a professional baseball team. BROADCAST HISTORY: September 26, 2004: Sunday, 8:00pm ET ("sneak preview") September 28, 2004 - October, 19 2004: Tuesdays, 9:00pm ET November 6, 2004: Saturdays, 8:00pm ET RETURNED To HDnet Thursday, May 28th, 2005 at 9:00pm EST (Simulcast in HDTV) Theme Song: "Our Lives"by The Callingmoreless
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  • This show shouldn't have ended!

    This show was really amazing. I don't even know why it was cancelled, it was very good, well acted and with an original plot. I had never seen a show about a batboy, and Jeremy is a great actor, so I really think it's a pity that they didn't make any more episodes, I mean they filmed only 12 epidodes!!! that's crazy, I don't know why they do that with every good show. It's like what happend with Reunion, it was a great show with an amazing plot, and they just took it off!! I'm tired of watching new shows that are really interesting and are suddenly cancelled, and other shows that are like so stupid and they last for seasons and seasons and never end, and are a waste of space on the tv programming.moreless
  • This is about a boy named Pete Young. He plays baseball, has an older sister, which means he has to deal with her jsut like in real life. His mom is very supportive.moreless

    I absolutely loved this show! It was one of the best ones i've ever seen. Jeremy Sumpter is an awesome actor. So, Jeremy plays Pete Young. He has an older sister and a mom. The whole show is about his life as a baseball player and at school. I really wish it would come back on the air. I was heartbroken when it was cancelled. I also loved Peter Pan (2003) with Jeremy Sumpter and Rachel Hurd-wood. She was in SnowDay which was another great movie. I just really REALLY wish Clubhouse would come back on air. I LOVED IT! IT WAS AMAZING!moreless
  • Great show! Great shame it was canceled!

    Great show! I know the rules forbid discussing any -ahem- "methods of downloading episodes" (coughtorrentscough), but since this doesn't seem as though it will ever be released on DVD, I'm *desperately* trying to find the episode "Road Trip" because of one of the "guest stars", Arielle Kebbel. She's most popularly known from American Pie's Band Camp. If anyone can help me out, PLEASE email me at Thanks!
  • Definitely a good show. Even though i`m not a big fan of baseball and they aired the show saturday`s afternoon only, it`s at least entertaining. It`s a shame that it was cancelled but fortunately in my country(argentina), warner is still broadcasting manymoreless

    an unusual plot (at least for me) combined with good actors and everyday problems(if you worked with a professional baseball team ).

    I started watching this show just by chance. I heard "our lives" from The Calling and then Dean Cain plus the presence of C. LLoyd. (very good actors both and i really like Cain in "lois and clark"). after 5 minutes i realize this was a great drama but it was pretty clear that it was cancelled. No advertising and showing a new serie on saturdays afternoon is not a good sign... I still can`t believe why this show was cancelled!!! anyway, i hope warner has more episodes rather than the only 7 aired until this week.

  • Clubhouse was a great show that show how a 16 year old was so determined to work with the empires.

    i think that clubhouse was a great show. its showed the determination of a 16 year old boy and his dream. he got to work with major league baseball team as a bat boy. i really enjoyed the show well what i saw of it. i would really like it if the tv people would bring it back and give it another try.

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