Clubhouse - Season 1

CBS (ended 2004)


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  • Second Place
    Second Place
    Episode 12
    Dean is worried because his rebellious son will arrive, so he asks Pete to hang out with him and try to keep him out of trouble.
  • Player Rep
    Player Rep
    Episode 11
  • Old Timers' Day (aka Seems Like Old Timers)
    It's the New York Empires' ex-players' day tomorrow, and the clubhouse prepares a day in advance.
    Betsy goes to the Catholic retreat where she was assigned to point out places where improvement is needed and to help supervise the others to prevent them from using alcohol or drugs to add some community service hours for her probation.
    Conrad meets a retired baseball great, Billy Beaumont, on the golf course and challenges him on a hole in golf.moreless
  • Save Situation
    Save Situation
    Episode 9
  • Stealing Home
    Stealing Home
    Episode 8
    When Pete is asked to be Dean's personal assistant for a day, he intends to impress Jessie by using Dean's appartement. He also gives her a necklace that he bought with the money he earned with this job, but Jessie doesn't like the way he is acting and leaves.
  • Between First & Home
    Pete agrees to help Tavares cover-up his "off-field" activities by entertaining Tavares's long-time girlfriend, Carmen, while he is off two-timing on her with Sydney. However, when Pete begins to fall for Carmen, his conscience gets the best of him and he doesn't think he can lie for Tavares anymore. Meanwhile, Betsy is arrested and is assigned to Stuart, a no-nonsense parole officer who makes her life miserable.moreless
  • Road Trip
    Road Trip
    Episode 6
    Jessie leaves Pete numb when she ends their relationship without any explanation. However, a heartbroken Pete is somewhat cheered when he is invited to join the team for their Los Angeles road trip. Pete uses the trip as an outlet to get over his girl, but he can't seem to get her out of his mind. Meanwhile, Betsy ends up at Rikers after she gets arrested for stealing and using a credit card to pay for her one-way ticket to "freedom."moreless
  • Spectator Interference
    When an efficiency expert determines Lou is no longer needed, a more capable equipment manager is hired. But the bat boys unite in an attempt to get Lou back. And Betsy feels betrayed when another girl's mother lays into her about her lifestyle, while Lynne, says nothing in her defense. Pete runs for school president with Mike's help, whose campaign strategy is based on the Empires.moreless
  • Trade Talks
    Trade Talks
    Episode 4
    When Conrad Dean is rumored to be on the trading block, Pete desperately rounds up some fans to get a petition signed. But when he can't get to see the team owner, he resorts to selling a fake story about Ellis Hayes being traded, in return for a story on the petition. But when Dean finds out, Pete learns a much harder lesson than he bargained for.moreless
  • Chin Music
    Chin Music
    Episode 3
    With their mom out on a date, it's a night out of the house for Pete and Betsy. Pete spends his night at 'hell night', an annual hazing for rookie bat boys, while Betsy lies and goes out to a bar. But both situations turn out to be a little more difficult that Pete and Betsy imagined.moreless
  • Breaking a Slump
    Breaking a Slump
    Episode 2
    When Pete sees some suspicious talkings between the slumping Conrad Dean and the shop worker of the Empires, suspicions arise that the Dean is using a corked bat. And Pete cheats on a paper to cover up his grades which are also slumping. Betsy is suspended from school and has to go to work with her mom.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    After sending in countless letters, Pete Young is finally accepted to his dream job - as bat boy for the New York Empires. His first day turns out to be a tough one as he is teased by the head bat boy and has a prank pulled on him by Conrad Dean, the teams star player. But bigger problems arise as an irritable player asks Pete to take his Ferrari to the player's garage. When he gets there, he is shocked to find it is closed. Fearing the worst, he keeps the car overnight. But his secrets come out when his school principal finds out he skipped to work the game. And it gets even worse when he is pulled over in the Ferrari - where drugs are discovered. The player tells him to claim they are his and he'll get to keep the Ferrari. But it's too late, Pete's mom has found out about his job so Pete relents and tells the truth. The fans boo, but Lou informs him, "you haven't arrived until you're booed". As his dreams crumble though, Conrad Dean appears at his house to persuade his mom to let Pete rejoin the team. She says no, but with a little bit of surprising help from his sister, his mom agrees and Pete rejoins the team. And there is one bright spot, Pete meets a girl, Jessie, who may have an interest in him.moreless