Clue Club

CBS (ended 1979)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Prehistoric Monster Caper

      The Clue Clubbers search for film director, Mr. Simmons, after he vanishes during a filming shoot.

    • The Circus Caper
      The Circus Caper
      Episode 15

      During a circus trip, an acrobat named Karelli vanishes. The case proves to be quite complicated for the Clue Club as many of the other circus performers had grudges against Karelli, thus providing many suspects.

    • The Amazing Heist
      The Amazing Heist
      Episode 14

      The Clue Clubbers start a search for the Crown of Dileria after it mysteriously vanishes during a Rock Festival.

    • One of the Elephants is Missing
      The local zoo has acquired an elephant named Lucy that has mysteriously disappeared and Larry reads the headlines and sees it and tells the gang that this is their kind of mystery. Can they solve the case of the missing pachyderm or will the zoo lose more animals to the thief?moreless
    • The Missing Pig Caper

      Sally, a friend of the Clue Club, has a prize pig named Sweet Pea. When she takes them to see her pig at the county fair, they discover Sweet Pea has been stolen.

    • The Dissolving Statue Caper

      The Clue Club arrive at the Fun Mountain amusement park and get a preview of a 15 ton statue.  Later, the statue disappears and the Clue Clubbers begin a search for it.

    • The Vanishing Train Caper

      The Clue Club searches for a missing train carrying gold bullion.

    • The Solar Energy Caper

      Larry, D.D., and Pepper take Dotty to visit a science fair. Not long after they arrive, the new solar generator is stolen.

    • The Walking House Caper

      The Clue Club is asked to check out a new top security safe. The safe is built into a house's foundation and is too large to get through the doors. Larry and the gang decide to spend the night at the house and to their surprise, they find the safe gone the very next morning.

    • The Disappearing Airport

      A pilot named Corky, asks for the help of the Clue Club when he loses an airplane he was flying, as well as locate a missing airport.

    • Green Thumb Caper

      Several charity parties have been robbed by a mysterious masked person. When the thief hits Mr. Cosgrove's manor, the Clue Club head over to investigate.

    • Weird Seaweed Creature Caper

      The Clue Club head towards the dock area, where a sea monster lurks, hoping to investigate a smuggling operation.

    • Who's to Blame for the Empty Frame?

      The Little Boy Blue, a million dollar painting, is stolen from a museum. To help guard a Ming vase, the Club Club disguise Woofer and Wimper as ceramic dog statues to stake out the museum from the inside.

    • The Real Gone Gondola
      When the Clue Clubbers take a ski trip to Blizzard Mountain they find themselves in the middle of a mystery. The resort's owner, Clara Caldwell, is wheeled into a gondola. Larry and Sheriff Bagley are at the top of the mountain and watch the gondola climb up to them. When it reaches them, Miss Caldwell is gone. The only thing inside the gondola is her wheelchair. Someone using the name Vortex had threatened to disintegrate her and apparently he just succeeded. There are three suspects. Fred Vernon is the manager of the resort and Martin Anderson wants to own it. Neither of them like Miss Caldwell much. The third suspect is her nephew, Tom Caldwell. There are only a few clues, but with the help of the rest of the Clue Club Larry is able to figure out who Vortex is and how Miss Caldwell disappeared.moreless
    • The Case of the Lighthouse Mouse
      A trio of valuable gems - the Dobie Diamond, the Eemy Emerald, and the Johnson Jade - are being stolen one by one. The prime suspect is Pepper's Uncle Salty, who doesn't help his case any by escaping from jail just before the second gem is stolen. The Clue Clubbers have two other suspects: Lucy May Scoggins and Elmo Gooche. Lucy May had the only key to the room where the gems are being displayed and she used to own the gems. Elmo owns a pet store and used to work in vaudeville with trained mice. Clues are sparse. The only things out of the ordinary in the room with the gems are a suction cup stuck to the wall and a candy bar in a suit of armor. And why was the thief stealing the gems one at a time? The only window in the room is open, because of the warm weather, but it has bars that are set too close together for a person to get through. Those are still enough clues for Larry to figure out who the thief is.moreless
    • The Paper Shaper Caper
      While testing their new sound amplifier, the Clue Clubbers hear the press running at the Weekly Chronicle. Only it's night and the newspaper is closed. Investigating, they discover that printing press is still running but no one else is in the building. The owner of the Chronicle, Mr. Kitrich, says his press in broken and accuses his enemies of breaking it. Sheriff Bagley suspects that the press was being used by the counterfeiters who have been passing fake twenty dollar bills. Before leaving, Pepper discovers an origami swan. The kids are inclined to believe it was the counterfeiters but they investigate every angle. Mr. Kitrich's assistant, Agnes Twitchell, refuses to say where she was last night. They also discover that the owner of Apex Printing, Mike Apex, doesn't like Mr. Kitrich. Dotty finds out that Apex uses the same paper that was used to make the origami Pepper found. Pepper and D.D. sneak into Apex Printing to look for clues and are locked in an office by a viking. Larry comes to their rescue and they find another clue: a torn page of sheet music. Their investigation leads them to the Orpheum Theater, where the meet the owner Clem Whitaker. After encountering an organ playing pirate and a mad magician, they discover a broken printing press in the theater's basement. The theater is being demolished and the wrecking ball had destroyed the press. When D.D. leans against the press and gets green ink on the seat of his pants Larry says they're finally getting to the bottom of the case. Dotty arrives to help them out of the basement and tells them that the paper used to make the theater programs is the same kind that's used to make money. As they leave the theater they hear the organ and find Miss Twitchell paying it. As she plays, counterfeit twenty dollars bills are blown from the organ pipes. Larry now has all the clues he needs to solve the mystery.moreless