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Season 1 Episode 13

One of the Elephants is Missing

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 06, 1976 on CBS
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One of the Elephants is Missing
The local zoo has acquired an elephant named Lucy that has mysteriously disappeared and Larry reads the headlines and sees it and tells the gang that this is their kind of mystery. Can they solve the case of the missing pachyderm or will the zoo lose more animals to the thief?moreless

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      • Dotty: How'd the dance go?
        Pepper: We made over $630 for our "Help the Zoo" fund.
        Dotty: Hey, that's neat!
        D. D.: Oughtta help pay for the food that new monster elephant is gonna eat.
        Woofer: (to Whimper) Hear that? They're worried about some strange elephant and man's best friends are starvin' to death.

      • D.D.: But, who'd want to steal an elephant?
        Larry: That's what makes it our kind of mystery. Come on, let's go.

      • (Woofer and Wimper are looking at a gorilla in a cage)
        Whimper: Look at the size of him!
        Woofer: Oh well, size don't do it all, you know. Brains count too! Look at me...
        Whimper: Yeah, that's too bad.
        Woofer: What's too bad?
        Whimper: Gettin' cheated on everything, that's not fair.
        Woofer: Hey! Watch yourself, boy!

      • (the female gorilla, Alice, is growling and roaring at the male gorilla, Marvin, in the other cage)
        Mr. Bronson: I don't understand it. She's always been very fond of Marvin.
        D. D.: I guess the honeymoon is over.

      • Whimper: Woofer, what's an armadillo smell like?
        Woofer: Oh, somewhere between a possum, a Sherman tank, and a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich... Uh, with peanut butter.

      • Woofer: There's your Mr. Guilty right there.
        Whimper: Mr. Bronson? How come?
        Woofer: Calls himself an animal man. Hah! Didn't even have a dog biscuit for us.
        Whimper: Good thinkin', Woofer.

      • Woofer: Are you sure you got lockjaw?
        Whimper: (nods yes with his mouth closed) Um hm, you see?
        Woofer: Funny. You didn't get it until I told you to carry the bone.
        Whimper: It came on real sudden-like.
        Woofer: Yeah, I'll bet it did.

      • (The rhino is clanging its horn against the cage bars and growling)

        Pepper: What's he so mad about?
        Larry: He's not mad. That's about as happy as you're ever going to see a rhino.
        Pepper: Wow! I don't want to be around when he's unhappy!

      • (About the rhino)

        D. D.: Know how much he's worth? Forty thousand dollars!
        Pepper: How do you know?
        D. D.: Oh, there's lots of things that I know that you don't.
        Pepper: Hah. Dotty probably told ya.
        D. D.: Well... She mighta mentioned it...

      • (Larry and Pepper are looking for D. D.)
        Larry: Do you have any idea where he might have gone?
        Pepper: Could be anyplace, the way he thinks. If you can call it thinking.

      • Larry: Hey, one of the chimps is loose.
        Pepper: I'd better get Mr. Bronson.
        D. D.: (he's wearing a chimpanze costume) Hey, I'm not a chimp! It's me, D. D.!
        Pepper: He's right. It's not a chimp, it's a chump.

      • (Larry uses a stick to pole vault into the warehouse and crashes into something)

        D. D.: Larry, you all right?
        Larry: Is breaking a mirror really seven years bad luck?
        Pepper: Did you break one?
        Larry: One? If the saying's true, I'm in big trouble for about 200 years!

      • (Pepper and D. D. are running from a vampire and Pepper spots a mirror frame under a blanket)

        Pepper: That's what we need! A mirror!
        D. D.: Pepper, you look fine and besides, I don't think that vampire cares what you look like!
        Pepper: It's not for me, it's for him!
        D. D.: With that face? How can he stand to look in a mirror?

      • (Pepper is planning on using a mirror to stop the vampire that is chasing them)
        Pepper: Look, when he gets here, don't run, don't panic, just cool it.
        D. D.: Right!
        (Pepper pulls off the cover and the vampire is there)
        Pepper: Run! Panic! We'll cool it later!

      • Woofer: He's him!
        Whimper: Who's him?
        Woofer: He!
        Whimper: He who?
        Woofer: Cut that out! I'm talkin' about Carloff. Anybody that hunts animals has got to be guilty of somethin'.

      • (Pepper and D. D. are eating garlic to ward off the vampire)
        Pepper: D. D., no more garlic! I don't care what happens, I can't stand myself!

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