Clue Club

Season 1 Episode 13

One of the Elephants is Missing

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 06, 1976 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Woofer is complaining about having to carry the bone, his mouth moves but we hear Whimper's voice.

  • Quotes

    • Dotty: How'd the dance go?
      Pepper: We made over $630 for our "Help the Zoo" fund.
      Dotty: Hey, that's neat!
      D. D.: Oughtta help pay for the food that new monster elephant is gonna eat.
      Woofer: (to Whimper) Hear that? They're worried about some strange elephant and man's best friends are starvin' to death.

    • D.D.: But, who'd want to steal an elephant?
      Larry: That's what makes it our kind of mystery. Come on, let's go.

    • (Woofer and Wimper are looking at a gorilla in a cage)
      Whimper: Look at the size of him!
      Woofer: Oh well, size don't do it all, you know. Brains count too! Look at me...
      Whimper: Yeah, that's too bad.
      Woofer: What's too bad?
      Whimper: Gettin' cheated on everything, that's not fair.
      Woofer: Hey! Watch yourself, boy!

    • (the female gorilla, Alice, is growling and roaring at the male gorilla, Marvin, in the other cage)
      Mr. Bronson: I don't understand it. She's always been very fond of Marvin.
      D. D.: I guess the honeymoon is over.

    • Whimper: Woofer, what's an armadillo smell like?
      Woofer: Oh, somewhere between a possum, a Sherman tank, and a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich... Uh, with peanut butter.

    • Woofer: There's your Mr. Guilty right there.
      Whimper: Mr. Bronson? How come?
      Woofer: Calls himself an animal man. Hah! Didn't even have a dog biscuit for us.
      Whimper: Good thinkin', Woofer.

    • Woofer: Are you sure you got lockjaw?
      Whimper: (nods yes with his mouth closed) Um hm, you see?
      Woofer: Funny. You didn't get it until I told you to carry the bone.
      Whimper: It came on real sudden-like.
      Woofer: Yeah, I'll bet it did.

    • (The rhino is clanging its horn against the cage bars and growling)

      Pepper: What's he so mad about?
      Larry: He's not mad. That's about as happy as you're ever going to see a rhino.
      Pepper: Wow! I don't want to be around when he's unhappy!

    • (About the rhino)

      D. D.: Know how much he's worth? Forty thousand dollars!
      Pepper: How do you know?
      D. D.: Oh, there's lots of things that I know that you don't.
      Pepper: Hah. Dotty probably told ya.
      D. D.: Well... She mighta mentioned it...

    • (Larry and Pepper are looking for D. D.)
      Larry: Do you have any idea where he might have gone?
      Pepper: Could be anyplace, the way he thinks. If you can call it thinking.

    • Larry: Hey, one of the chimps is loose.
      Pepper: I'd better get Mr. Bronson.
      D. D.: (he's wearing a chimpanze costume) Hey, I'm not a chimp! It's me, D. D.!
      Pepper: He's right. It's not a chimp, it's a chump.

    • (Larry uses a stick to pole vault into the warehouse and crashes into something)

      D. D.: Larry, you all right?
      Larry: Is breaking a mirror really seven years bad luck?
      Pepper: Did you break one?
      Larry: One? If the saying's true, I'm in big trouble for about 200 years!

    • (Pepper and D. D. are running from a vampire and Pepper spots a mirror frame under a blanket)

      Pepper: That's what we need! A mirror!
      D. D.: Pepper, you look fine and besides, I don't think that vampire cares what you look like!
      Pepper: It's not for me, it's for him!
      D. D.: With that face? How can he stand to look in a mirror?

    • (Pepper is planning on using a mirror to stop the vampire that is chasing them)
      Pepper: Look, when he gets here, don't run, don't panic, just cool it.
      D. D.: Right!
      (Pepper pulls off the cover and the vampire is there)
      Pepper: Run! Panic! We'll cool it later!

    • Woofer: He's him!
      Whimper: Who's him?
      Woofer: He!
      Whimper: He who?
      Woofer: Cut that out! I'm talkin' about Carloff. Anybody that hunts animals has got to be guilty of somethin'.

    • (Pepper and D. D. are eating garlic to ward off the vampire)
      Pepper: D. D., no more garlic! I don't care what happens, I can't stand myself!

    • Sheriff: But why here on the docks?
      Larry: Because here is where it's all gonna end.
      Dotty: (suddenly appears) Did you call me, Larry?
      Larry: No, I did not call you.
      Dotty: Oh. Well, I had to go home for lunch and I thought you might've called me while I was gone.
      D.D.: Now you gotta admit that's a good one.
      Larry: So you came down here to check, right?
      Dotty: Oh, sure. I wouldn't want to miss it if you called me.
      Larry: (chuckles) I give up. Go sit in the car and be quiet.

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