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CBS (ended 1979)





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  • another scooby doo ripoff

    this show was just another scooby doo rip off. there were a lot of those during the 70's. this one is one of the better ones. you had two yapping dogs and a group of teen age mystery solvers. i was not suprised that this show did not last any longer than it did.
  • Of all the Scooby-Doo knockoffs, many by Hanna-Barbera themselves, this was the best.

    CBS had canceled Scooby Doo in August of 1976 and in its place was a similar show the network had hoped would be as successful as Scooby. Didn't pan out that way as Scooby was on ABC, and outside of Bugs Bunny, he still ruled Saturday morning.

    A pity because Clue Club wasn't that bad of a show and that can be chalked up to the kids who had a neat chemistry about them and the dogs, Woofer and Wimper. The show stealer is most certainly 13-year-old Dotty, who is equally as smart as she is cute, and always shows up with an alibi as to why she's at the scene of the crime just as Larry is pointing his "J'accuse!" finger.

    Clue Club may be an obscurity by today's measurements, but still in 1976 it was a pleasant way to spend a half-hour.
  • Four teenagers - Larry, D.D., Pepper, and Dotty - are a team of amateur detectives called the Clue Club. They're 'helped' in their investigations by two dogs, Woofer and Whimper.

    Many cartoons attempted to capitalize on the success of Scooby Doo. Clue Club was one of the better results. Many of their cases were adaptations of mysteries from the TV series Banacek but others were original ideas.

    Each episode followed a similar pattern. After a short introduction a crime was committed. During the investigation D.D., Pepper, and sometimes Larry encounter a monster or mysterious character.

    Woofer and Whimper also encounter a monster: sometimes the same one the kids meet, sometimes a different one. When the suspects are introduced Woofer accuses every one of them.

    The clues are generally very vague but they're enough for Larry to solve the crime. Dotty isn't allowd to help the others in the field but she always finds some way to be present when the criminal is exposed. Woofer then tells Whimper that he knew who it was all the time.

    Despite using the same template for each episode, Clue Club is an enjoyable cartoon. Hopefully it will come out on DVD.