Clue Club

Season 1 Episode 15

The Circus Caper

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 20, 1976 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Dotty's math doesn't add up when she figures out how much money they'll need for goodies at the circus. Her first total is $17.35. Then she breaks down the cost just for peanuts: twelve bags for a total of $4.20, or 35 cents per bag. When she's reminded that they should buy peanuts to feed the elephants she adds two bags of peanuts, which would cost 70 cents. But her new total after adding the two bags of peanuts is $20.15

  • Quotes

    • Sheriff: How come it's never anything simple when you kids are around like a stickup, or a bank robbery, or just a plain old traffic accident?
      D.D.: I don't know, Sheriff.
      Dotty: Just lucky, I guess.

    • D.D.: (about Sandor) Wow. Dig those muscles. Hey, wait a minute. Aerialists are pretty strong, right?
      Pepper: Right.
      D.D.: And it would take somebody a lot stronger to handle a guy like Karelli, a guy like Sandor.
      Pepper: (notices Sandor standing right behind D.D.) Uh, Sandor who?
      D.D.: Quit fooling around, Pepper. I think I got something.
      Pepper: Not yet, but I think you're gonna get it.
      Sandor: You talk about Sandor?!
      D.D.: (gulps) Oh, uh, hi, there.
      Sandor: You say bad things about Sandor, skinny kid. You know what Sandor do to you? (bends a bar)
      D.D.: Don't tell me. (watches Sandor tie a knot in the bar) But I don't bend that way.
      Sandor: When Sandor finished, that's how you'll bend.
      D.D.: In that case, that's how I want to bend.
      Pepper: Yes, sir, he'll love it. Bye, now.
      (Pepper and D.D. runs away)

    • (Wimper finds a small, round red object)
      Woofer: There you go again. Fooling around when we're supposed to be working.
      Wimper: Well, maybe it's a clue.
      Woofer: Clue. Ain't you learn nothing from me? Does that look like a clue to you?
      Pepper: What do you got there, Wimper?
      (Pepper takes the red item)
      D.D.: Hey, you guys, what's going on?
      Pepper: Wimper found something. Looks like red puddy. Might be a clue.
      (Woofer steps ahead and pushes Wimper back attempting to take the credit)
      Larry: Send it back to Dotty and have her do a rundown on Tonio and Peter.
      Woofer: You're learning fast, Wimp. Heh-heh! I was afraid you weren't gonna see that clue.
      Wimper: Huh?
      Woofer: I had it spotted all the time, but I wanted to see if you'd pick up on it.
      Wimper: Oh, boy.

    • Dotty: Well, Tonio wasn't too happy about Karelli being the star of the show. He wanted some of the glory himself.
      D.D.: Yeah, Pepper feels the same way about me.
      Pepper: Why don't you take to disappear like Karelli?

    • D.D.: I'll swap you two brothers and a parakeet for her.
      Pepper: It's a deal.

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