Clue Club

Season 1 Episode 12

The Missing Pig Caper

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 30, 1976 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Missing Pig Caper

Sally, a friend of the Clue Club, has a prize pig named Sweet Pea. When she takes them to see her pig at the county fair, they discover Sweet Pea has been stolen.

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    • (Sally just told the Clue Club about Mr. Glut's offer)
      Pepper: $75,000!
      Woofer: For a pig? Why, I must be worth a jillion.
      Wimper: Uh, how much am I worth, Woofer?
      Woofer: Oh, about 89 cents.
      Dotty: (while fixing something) Give me a screwdriver, will ya, Woofer?
      (While Dotty and Woofer aren't paying attention, Wimper passes Dotty a hammer which causes her to mess up)
      Dotty: (to Woofer) You call this a screwdriver? Boy, sometimes I think you're worth just about half as much as Wimper!

    • D.D.: Do you think we'll recognize Sweet Pea if we see it?
      Pepper: D.D., he has four legs, two ears, a snout, and weighs 2000 pounds. I think we'll recognize him.

    • (A Food Supply Company truck unloads boxes of food to Mr. Glut's home)
      D.D.: Wow, looks like he's stocking up for the next ten years.
      Pepper: You kidding? The way he eats, that's probably just for the weekend.

    • D.D.: Sure is dark down here.
      Pepper: That's a brilliant observation, D.D.
      D.D.: Spooky, too.
      Pepper: That's a dumb observation, D.D., 'cause if you say it again, I'm gonna clobber you.

    • (A mysterious man pushes a large box down, narrowly missing D.D. and Pepper)
      Pepper: D.D., can a box fall all by itself?
      D.D.: Sure it can.
      Pepper: No, it can't.
      D.D.: You're right, it can't.
      Pepper: You know what I'm gonna do?
      D.D.: The same thing I'm gonna do?
      Pepper: I think so.
      (Pepper and D.D. runs away and the mysterious man follows)

    • Pepper: It is hot.
      D.D.: You can say that again.
      Pepper: Why? Didn't you hear me the first time?

    • Sheriff: Alright, let's get this rolling, Larry. (looks over to Mr. Glut eating) Just watching him makes me lose my appetite.

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