Clue Club

Season 1 Episode 16

The Prehistoric Monster Caper

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 25, 1976 on CBS
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The Prehistoric Monster Caper

The Clue Clubbers search for film director, Mr. Simmons, after he vanishes during a filming shoot.

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      • Woofer: I'm gonna let Betty Trent discover me. I'll just give her one of my famous imitations.
        (Woofer puts on glasses and a mustache, then walks by with a cigar)
        Wimper: Uh, don't tell me...Uh, uh, John Wayne!
        Woofer: Don't you ever watch television? It's Groucho Marx!
        Wimper: Looks like John Wayne to me.
        Betty Trent: (to the Clue Clubbers) I do wish I knew whether David was going to stay disappeared. I have so many things to do.
        (Betty Trent notices Woofer doing his Groucho Marx imitation)
        Betty Trent: Oh! Mad dog! Mad dog!
        Woofer: Where? Where?
        D.D.: Oh, that's only Woofer being silly, Miss Trent.
        Woofer: Silly? That was my best Groucho Marx.
        Dotty: Don't you listen to them, Woofer. I think that was a great imitation of John Wayne.

      • Larry: (about Mr. Simmons) Hmm, doesn't sound like a very friendly guy.
        Mr. Wolf: He didn't have friends, and that includes his wife!

      • D.D.: Come on. Hurry up!
        Pepper: Hold it! That's the way that thing went.
        D.D.: I know. We're gonna outsmart him.
        Pepper: D.D., that lizard's got a brain the size of a pea, but I still think he's too much competition for you.
        D.D.: Look, Pepper, I took a special course in psychology. He's gonna keep on going 'cause he thinks we're staying ahead of him, right?
        Pepper: (notices the dinosaur returning) Wrong.
        D.D.: Boy, you sure are stubborn.
        Pepper: Not me, him!
        D.D.: (turns around) Whoa!
        Pepper: You better take that course over again if we ever get out of this!

      • Pepper: The last time I saw anything that ridiculous was when Woofer made such a fool of himself over that French poodle.

      • (Woofer starts to juggle to impress Mr. Simmons)
        Mr. Simmons: Why look at that dog. He's beautiful! That profile, the intelligent form. I've got to have him in this picture.
        (Mr. Simmons walks over to the dogs)
        Mr. Simmons: I will make you a star.
        (Mr. Simmons picks up Wimper and walks away)
        Woofer: And after all I did for that man!

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