Clue Club

Season 1 Episode 3

The Real Gone Gondola

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Aug 28, 1976 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Whatever county Clue Club is set in, it must be very large. In Episode 2, Sheriff Bagley is investigating a jewel theft on the ocean coast. In this episode it's shown that his jurisdiction extends to a ski resort in the mountains.

    • This episode establishes that Dotty and Pepper are sisters.

  • Quotes

    • (Pepper finds D.D.'s ski tracks leading off a cliff)
      Pepper: Oh, D.D.! Oh, I'll never forgive myself for all those things I said! Oh, if I just had a chance to do it all over...
      D.D.: What would you do?
      Pepper: (turns around) D.D.! Is it really you?
      D.D.: Uh-huh. Listen, now that you got a chance to do it all over...
      (Pepper angrily skis towards D.D.)
      D.D.: Why are you looking like that? Pepper, wait a minute. Remember what you said! Don't do anything you'll be sorry for!

    • Pepper: What about that balloon Larry found? Anything there?
      Dotty: Just a balloon. The shape kind, but nothing special. It had a tiny hole in it, but I patched it. Sterilized it too, so you can blow it up.
      Pepper: That's Windy's department, Dotty.
      D.D.: She's still mad 'cause I found out she really cares.
      Pepper: Ha!

    • Dotty: Hey, you guys, listen to this. (reads) "Check out Vernon, Anderson, Clara and Tom Caldwell." Does Larry think he's playing with the second team? I already did that! I've got a good mind to...(pauses) Wait a minute! You poor babies, all that walking. You must be exhausted.
      Woofer: Uh-oh. The kid's got that look in her eye.
      Wimper: Uh-huh. The last time that happened, we got the blame.

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