Season 1 Episode 3

A Bridge Too Far

Aired Unknown Aug 08, 1990 on ITV
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A Bridge Too Far
For three years in a row, Elizabeth Peacock and her daughter Vivienne Scarlet have won the competition for Arlington's Bridge Trophy. With the aim of dethroning the champions, Professor Plum brings in his acquaintances the Hopes, a pair of card-sharps. However, the Hopes are too hopeful for immediate hard cash, and one of them goes off to an early reward in the great beyond. There is, of course, more to the Hopes than meets the eye - and we need to find out how Plum came to know them at all.moreless

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    Stephanie Beacham

    Stephanie Beacham

    Mrs Elizabeth Peacock #1

    Kristoffer Tabori

    Kristoffer Tabori

    Professor Peter Plum #1

    June Whitfield

    June Whitfield

    Mrs Blanche White #1

    Robin Ellis

    Robin Ellis

    Colonel Michael Mustard #1

    Tracy-Louise Ward

    Tracy-Louise Ward

    Miss Vivienne Scarlet #1

    Robin Nedwell

    Robin Nedwell

    Reverend Jonathan Green #1

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • List Of Suggestions:

        Team 1: Mrs White with the Poison in the Drawing Room (0)
        Team 2: Miss Scarlett with the Steak Knife in the Dining Room (1)

        Team 2: Miss Scarlett with the Steak Knife in the Study (2)
        Team 1: Miss Scarlett with the Bridge Trophy in the Study (3)

      • For this season only, after the detectives' first bout of questioning, the studio audience would cast a vote on who they believed to be the murderer. 26% of the audience believed Professor Plum was the killer. 22% selected the real murderer (Miss Scarlett).

      • The body is found by Mr Hope.

      • Paul Darrow, who plays Hope, is best known for playing Avon in the sci-fi series Blake's 7.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Miss Scarlett: (her confession) I didn't mean to do it! It was an accident. I didn't want to kill her but she drove me to it. She and my stepmother's stiff neck. It wasn't fair. I knew that they were hustlers but she wouldn't listen to me. I couldn't pay them, but if I didn't she'd stop supporting me. There was nothing I could do. Then I saw her going into the study. I thought maybe I could scare her off, let her know that I knew she was a hustler. As soon as Pete had gone, I knew I had a chance to have a quiet word with her. I couldn't wait. She was coarse, horrible. You could tell she came from the gutter. I told her so and that's when she hit me. Well, I was furious. I hardly knew what I was doing. I picked up our trophy and I hit her with it. I only meant to hurt her. I didn't mean to kill her. I didn't! You'll have to believe me.

      • Mrs Peacock: I'm not going to tell you again, Mr Hope. Now, I suggest you take this cheque and be very grateful that I'm not prepared to ruin my party by creating a scene.
        Jeremy Hope: You owe us five times that.
        Mrs Peacock: Mr Hope, you wouldn't like it if I had Colonel Mustard give you what I really owe you, but if you and your wife aren't out of this house in five minutes, that is exactly what I'm going to ask him to do.
        (Hope takes the cheque and leaves the room)
        Mrs Peacock: Thank you, Mike. Poor Vivienne. She told me they were hustlers but I thought it was just sour grapes. She's going to be very relieved. Why didn't Pete warn us?
        Colonel Mustard: Well, he didn't know what they were doing at first. They were very convincing.
        (There is a loud scream and Hope comes into the room)
        Jeremy Hope: My wife! Call the police! My wife has been murdered!

      • Mrs Peacock: I won't hear another word on the subject.
        Miss Scarlett: They are hustlers, Mother! Hustlers! Well, I'm not going to pay them.
        Mrs Peacock: You will.
        Miss Scarlett: I won't!
        Mrs Peacock: This family pays its debts. What's more, you will play the next rubber or you will pack your bags, my girl. I'm not having you humiliating me in front of my guests.
        Miss Scarlett: But I can't afford to pay what I already owe. You're going to have to help me, Mother.
        Mrs Peacock: Oh, no. You shouldn't gamble if you can't pay up. You are going to have to face up to the consequences of your own actions for once.

      • Professor Plum: What do you think you're doing?
        Jeremy Hope: Earning our living.
        Professor Plum: You're supposed to teach them a lesson, not bankrupt them!

      • Mrs White: (during cross-examination about the pink champagne) Well, there was a little something in it. It was just a little rat poison.

    • NOTES (5)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • The title of this episode alludes to the British war movie, A Bridge Too Far (1977), in which allied forces invading Europe in 1944 went too far into the occupied Netherlands, facing a massive German counter-attack.