Season 3 Episode 1

A-Hunting We Will Go

Aired Unknown May 04, 1992 on ITV
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A-Hunting We Will Go
On the day the local hunt meets at Arlington Grange, a strange young hunt saboteur, Gordon Ferrar, arrives at the Grange with injuries - but very soon he is suffering no more. In looking into his death, it turns out that Ferrar was not quite unknown to some of the regulars. Elizabeth Peacock had lost her horse, Phantom, in a road accident caused by Ferrar's hunt protesters. Vivienne Scarlett had once had an affair with Ferrar - Mustard was jealous of him, and had beaten him up. And Vivienne wanted to keep her secrets. Meanwhile, Ferrar had claimed to have a video of Professor Peter Plum feeding a live fox cub to the hounds, which would have damaged his reputation.moreless

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    And so Christopher Biggins began the murderous spree as he, as Reverend Green, stabbed a hunt protestor to death with a pair of scissors in the kitchen. Though the vicar was against the hunt himself, he couldn’t afford to take sides after Colonel Mustard had assaulted Gordon after a horse was killed...
Richard Madeley

Richard Madeley

Presenter (1992-93)

Christopher Biggins

Christopher Biggins

Reverend Jonathan Green #4

Lewis Collins

Lewis Collins

Colonel Michael Mustard #4

Lysette Anthony

Lysette Anthony

Miss Vivienne Scarlet #4

Pam Ferris

Pam Ferris

Mrs Blanche White #4

Susan George

Susan George

Mrs Elizabeth Peacock #4

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • List of Suggestions:

      Team 1 - Mrs Peacock with the Syringe in the Study (0)
      Team 2 - Colonel Mustard with the Billiard Cue in the Drawing Room (0)

      Team 1 - Reverend Green with the Candlestick in the Kitchen (2)
      Team 2 - Mrs White with the Candlestick in the Kitchen (1)

      Team 1 - Reverend Green with the Scissors in the Kitchen (3)

    • The body is found by Mrs White.

    • Neil Morrissey, who plays Gordon Ferrar, was Tony in the comedy show Men Behaving Badly and Rocky in Boon. He later became the voice of Bob the Builder.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Reverend Green: (his confession) I don't know what came over me. I've been part of the community for over fifteen years. All my friends are here, my flock, my roots. I've given everything to this parish, and I don't have the strength to go on to new ventures, to start afresh. That's what it would have meant. I just think the prospect was... so cruel, so unfair. I didn't go back into the kitchen to do him any harm. I don't know why I picked up the scissors. I just wanted to challenge him, but he laughed at me. There they were in my hands, and all I could see was his bare neck. And I forgot who I was. God help me, I actually forgot who I was!

    • Reverend Green: It's a very difficult situation, because on this stand are not only my dear friends but members of my flock. They come to my church regularly. But I have to say I find it despicable what they do in the hunt and I will have nothing to do with any of it.

    • Mrs Peacock: Where is he?
      Mrs White: Gone, I think.
      Mrs Peacock: I do hope so. For his sake.

    • Gordon Ferrar: If you don't give evidence to the police, I'm going to have to tell all your good friends and neighbours how you've been helping us over the years. Telling us when the hunt's going to meet and what covers they're intending to flush.
      Reverend Green: That's blackmail!
      Gordon Ferrar: Just helping you towards your Christian duty, Vicar.

    • Colonel Mustard: (after being accused of being the killer) This is rubbish. The boy's not worth going to prison for!

    • Colonel Mustard: One thing's for sure, we can't have him talking to the police.
      Professor Plum: It's alright for you. He hasn't got you on video.
      Colonel Mustard: No. But he has a witness. The vicar.
      Professor Plum: Well, he won't say anything.
      Colonel Mustard: Huh. Who knows?
      Professor Plum: In that case, you realise what we're saying? We can't let him leave the house.

    • Gordon Ferrar: I know you as well. I've got a video of you, feeding a live fox cub to the hounds.
      Professor Plum: No, I never!
      Gordon Ferrar: Yeah, well, we'll see what the police and the RSPCA say when they've seen it. (to Colonel Mustard) I'm going to report you for assault and grevious bodily harm.
      Colonel Mustard: You try making a phone-call from here (rips the telephone out of the wall) and I'll wrap this around your neck!

    • Mrs Peacock: If he isn't out of here in two minutes, he'll get what he deserves!

    • (Mrs Peacock comes into the kitchen with Reverend Green; she is looking very upset)
      Mrs White: What's the matter? What happened?
      Mrs Peacock: Oh, we had those blasted hunt saboteurs again. One of them set off a firecracker. Phantom shied and threw me, then bolted. Right out into the main road in front of a lorry...
      Mrs White: Oh! Not Phantom!
      Mrs Peacock: Yes. If I ever catch who did it, I will break their neck. Sherry, Vicar?

    • Mrs White: After what you did to Phantom, I'm sorry I didn't let you bleed to death!

    • Reverend Green: What in heaven's name are you doing here?
      Gordon Ferrar: I might ask you the same thing.
      Reverend Green: Mrs Peacock who owns this house also happens to be my patron and one of your lot was responsible for a horse being killed this morning.
      Gordon Ferrar: Well, that wasn't me.
      Reverend Green: Maybe it wasn't, but trying to convince Mrs Peacock will be another matter, so I suggest you leave as quickly and as quietly as possible.
      Gordon Ferrar: Too late. 'Cause you know who that is, don't you? That's some of the lot that laid into me this morning. Now, I'm gonna get the police and have them for it.
      Reverend Green: Oh, for goodness' sake! Do you think the police are going to believe you?
      Gordon Ferrar: No. But you were there as well. You saw who was doing what. They'd have to believe you, wouldn't they?
      Reverend Green: Those people are my parishioners. My neighbours. My friends.
      Gordon Ferrar: Well, you'd better start examining your conscience then, hadn't you, Vicar?

    • Edwina Currie: (during cross-examination) You wanted to stop Gordon leaving. Well, now, what exactly did you do about that?
      Professor Plum: Well, I simply wanted to try and persuade him, dare one say, to... forgive me, I was deeply ashamed of the material on the videotape and hoped I might have been able to persuade him to give me that tape in return for some money. My wife is immensely rich fortunately and would have understood perfectly.

  • NOTES (5)

    • For this season only, a telephone competition was run in conjunction with the show. At the end of each episode, a premium rate telephone number was shown which entrants could ring and be asked a multiple-choice question about what they had seen. A winner was chosen from the correct entries to win a murder-mystery weekend for two.

    • Winning team: Valerie Singleton and Johnny Ball.

    • The six potential weapons were scissors, candlestick, telephone flex, poker, syringe and billiard cue.

    • The panellists: Valerie Singleton, Richard O'Brien and Johnny Ball were television presenters, while Edwina Currie was a Member of Parliament and former government minister - she is now a writer and presenter.

    • Solution: Reverend Green with the scissors in the kitchen.


    • The title of the episode is taken from an old children's song, whose first verse contains the line 'we'll catch a little fox' (which also fits in with the theme of the fox hunt and the hunt saboteurs).