Season 3 Episode 4

And Then There Were Nuns

Aired Unknown May 25, 1992 on ITV



  • Trivia

    • List Of Suggestions:

      Team 1: Reverend Green with the Cake Knife in the Library (0)
      Team 2: Miss Scarlett with the Parasol in the Library (0)

      Team 1: Colonel Mustard with the Corkscrew in the Dining Room (0)
      Team 2: Mrs Peacock with the Spear in the Drawing Room (2)

      Team 1: Mrs White with the Spear in the Drawing Room (3)

    • The body is found by Colonel Mustard.

    • Jean Boht, who plays Sister Concepta, was better known as the matriarch Nellie Boswell in the comedy series Bread.

  • Quotes

    • Mrs White: (her confession) Yes, I did it. I was just trying to help Mrs Peacock and the house. I started it all with that letter so I felt I had to stop it. All those emeralds seemed to be the answer. I knew Sister Concepta needed them to build her convent, so I thought if I got rid of them, maybe she'd go away. I stole them and I hid them in the drawing room. I thought no one would look in there with the wet floor, but when I went to check that they were safe, she caught me red-handed. She threatened me with that spear thing. Well, I fought back. I couldn't help myself. I tried to cover my tracks as best I could but I forgot about the damn wet wax on the drawing room floor.

    • Carol Vorderman: (during cross-examination) It was you who started to bring the bedlam into Arlington Grange by writing the supposedly innocent letter to Sister Concepta. Did you realise that she would inherit Arlington Grange?
      Mrs White: Of course not. I would never, never have caused that trouble if I'd known about that Will, and I wish you hadn't mentioned that because nobody else knew I wrote that letter until now.

    • Kathy Tayler: (during cross-examination) You were accused, in not so many words, of leaving a large footprint of wax on Mrs White's lovely clean rug in the hallway. Do you admit to that? Was it your footprint?
      Professor Plum: No, no. I hotly dispute that because I'm a compulsive wiper of feet. In fact, my shoes only last about six weeks. I remember, it was because I kept wiping my feet that my first wife left me. She said 'I'm jealous of that mat. I wish you'd give me the same attention that you give the doormat.'

    • Richard Madeley: They say 'old habits die hard' but somebody killed Sister Concepta.

    • Sister Concepta: Ah, Colonel. Meditating on your murderous past, are you?
      Colonel Mustard: What exactly are you driving at?
      Sister Concepta: You trained mercenaries in the Upper Amazon, did you not? They attacked and wiped out an entire missionary settlement. All the natives were killed. That was my settlement, Colonel.
      Colonel Mustard: I don't know what you're talking about.
      Sister Concepta: Maybe you didn't give the order yourself, but those mercenaries were your soldiers, Colonel. I hold you responsible. You will pay.

    • Mrs White: Sister, when I read that local history book and found out that you were still alive, I thought it would be a nice surprise for Mrs Peacock. I had no idea.... Couldn't you reconsider?
      Sister Concepta:It's out of the question. But you will be rewarded, my dear, by knowing that you have given this house a spiritual rebirth.

    • Mrs White: I've never known a nun to be so... sinister.
      Reverend Green: Yes. There's not room for two banks in this high street. This is spiritual warfare.

    • Sister Concepta:The Last Will and Testament of Jack Peacock. On his death, this house goes to his surviving sister. Me. I lost touch with him when we were children. I might never have heard of Arlington Grange if it hadn't been for an innocent letter.
      Mrs Peacock: Who wrote to you?
      Sister Concepta:So, you see, Mrs Peacock, this property is mine- and in your safe is half a million pounds worth of jewels. Everything I need to turn this place into a God-fearing convent.

    • Professor Plum: A glass of sherry, Sister Concepta?
      Sister Concepta:Oh, no. No, thank you. I never drink alcohol. It's the devil's stuff.
      Professor Plum: Then I must have sold my soul long ago.
      Sister Concepta:I believe you have. I've read all about those animal experiments. You scientists believe you are God. But the Good Lord said 'cast out false gods' and I intend to do his bidding. Frankenstein.
      Colonel Mustard: That's a mite un-Christian for a nun, isn't it?
      Sister Concepta:Ah, Colonel Mustard. Ex-SAS. Not exactly renowned for Christian values, I hear.
      Colonel Mustard: What exactly do you mean by that?
      Sister Concepta: You'll find out soon enough. All of you will come to see the error of your ways. The Church has a clear view of morality, and I intend to clean up my own doorstep.

    • Sister Concepta:(on meeting Reverend Green, who is carrying a shotgun) A man of the cloth carrying a gun? Disgusting.

    • Mrs Peacock: (about Sister Concepta) It appears Jack had a sister.
      Sister Concepta: Lost in the mists of time in the tributaries of the Amazon until a chance letter showed me the light. Could you find a safe place for this, my dear? I don't feel easy carrying half a million pounds worth of emeralds about.

    • Miss Scarlett: Hi, I'm Vivienne. Nice to...
      Sister Concepta: Young lady, this kind of attire will not be welcome around here in the future!
      Miss Scarlett: Well, if you don't mind me saying so, it really isn't your house to decide.
      Sister Concepta: Actually, it is.

    • Mrs Peacock: All that I own, all that I've built up, taken away from me by this... penguin!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Richard Madeley: To remove a rival, did the Reverend Green break the Sixth Commandment?

      The Ten Commandments- a list of religious and moral imperatives- were, according to the Bible, delivered to Moses on Mount Sinai by God (as detailed in the Old Testament book of Exodus). The Sixth Commandment, in most Christian beliefs, states 'thou shalt not kill'.

    • Miss Scarlett: (holding the parasol) I presume this belongs to the African queen.

      The African Queen was a 1935 novel by C.S. Forrester which was adapted for film in 1951 (starring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn).

    • Sister Concepta: The Good Lord said 'cast out false gods' and I intend to do his bidding. Frankenstein.

      In Mary Shelley's 1818 novel, Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who has learned how to create life from inanimate tissue and creates a being in the likeness of man. The creature is often referred to as Frankenstein, although this is actually the name of the creator instead.

    • The title seems to be a play on the line "And then there were none" which ends an old nursery rhyme in which ten little black boys are killed one by one.