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  • Season 4
    • Publish and Be Damned
      Journalist Roger Morgan arrives at the Grange to write a book about a former royal resident, and several people still around feel threatened and are determined to stop him. So Morgan's death comes as no great surprise. But who killed him, and was it with a dagger, a cheese-wire, a snooker triangle, a broken glass, a kitchen knife or a microphone?


    • Where There's a Will
      After Mrs White inherits a small fortune, all the Grange's inhabitants start treating her rather more respectfully. Then city slicker Terence Radcliffe talks her into putting all her money into a dud deal. Did she kill him?
    • The Hanged Man
      The Hanged Man
      Episode 4
      Marjorie Hunt, an old friend of Mrs White, comes to stay at the Grange. Unhappily for her, she is a psychic and she unwisely gives a Tarot card reading for some of the regulars on the evening of her arrival. Vivienne Scarlett has crashed her car that afternoon, and Mrs Hunt knows all about it - and maybe a lot more. Green is having an affair with a married woman in the village. Elizabeth Peacock is preparing to burn down the Grange for the insurance money. Mustard feels guilty about a little matter of some missing army property. Plum's latest invention has got him into hot water. And Mrs White has a dark secret. Naturally, Mrs Hunt does not live to see the next morning - but why didn't she see it coming?moreless
    • The Word, The Flesh And The Devil
      The visiting writer Candice Costello quickly becomes one of Cluedo's most glamorous murder victims to date, and the suspects include Green, who has written a racy novel with a murder in it. But was Candice done in with the poker, the battery charger, the meat cleaver, the scissors, the ice-pick or the poisoned fountain-pen? And which of several plausible motives caused someone to snap?moreless
    • Seven Deadly Sinners
      Sir Nigel Hussey visits the Grange and magnificently lives up to his name, but he expires less elegantly. The possible weapons lying around the house are: Flame thrower, G-string, Golf Club, Snake, Crossbow and Pistol.

    • Finders Keepers
      Finders Keepers
      Episode 1
      Jake Swithin visits Arlington Grange and falls foul of all the usual suspects. So who is the murderer this time, and was it with the Walking Stick, the Dagger, the Scarf, the Steak Hammer, the Sword or the Wine-bottle?
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