Season 3 Episode 3

Murder In Merrie England

Aired Unknown May 18, 1992 on ITV



  • Quotes

    • Mrs Peacock: A circus! You are turning this into a cheap circus! You cannot do this!
      Max Gold: Mrs Peacock, from tomorrow morning, I can do exactly as I please.
      Mrs Peacock: It's an outrage. I won't let it happen.
      (Mrs Peacock storms out as Reverend Green walks in)
      Reverend Green: May I have a word, Mr Gold?
      Max Gold: Of course.
      Reverend Green: Mrs Peacock very kindly promised the church the five-acre field as an extension to the graveyard and I was wondering...
      Max Gold: Out of the question, my dear Reverend. That's where funfair is to be put.
      Reverend Green: What? A funfair? Next to my church?
      Max Gold: And scenic railway.
      Reverend Green: Scenic? I've never heard anything like it! I mean, it's sacrelige!
      Max Gold: Nonsense, Reverend. My railway will bring more visitors to your church in ten minutes than you would normally see in ten years.