Season 3 Episode 3

Murder In Merrie England

Aired Unknown May 18, 1992 on ITV



  • Quotes

    • Mrs Peacock:(her confession) Yes, I did it. And I can't say I'm sorry. I feel I performed a public service. Well, someone had to. Since I'd started the whole mess in the first place, I thought it was my job to clear it up. If only I could have stopped the sale, but my solicitor said no and I had no choice and I did think the deposit would come in frightfully handy to pay for the maintenance. I mean, you should see the bills. Anyway, when that odious creature came into my study looking for his contracts, I simply imagined his head was a croquet ball that I wanted to send out of bounds, and I let fly. You see, what Arlington Grange stands for is irreplaceable. I could give it up, but I couldn't let that oaf spoil it for future generations. Oh, it's England. Croquet on the lawn. Tea in silver teapots. Sherry before dinner. One simply has to maintain one's standards.

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