Season 3 Episode 2

Scared To Death

Aired Unknown May 11, 1992 on ITV



  • Trivia

    • List Of Suggestions:

      Team 1: Reverend Green with the Cross And Chain in the Study (0)
      Team 2: Mrs White with the Gun in the Kitchen (0)

      Team 1: Colonel Mustard with the Dagger in the Dining Room (2)
      Team 2: Mrs Peacock with the Dagger in the Dining Room (1)

      Team 1: Colonel Mustard with the Dagger in the Billiard Room (3)

    • The body is found by Colonel Mustard.

    • During the seance, Miss Terry mentions Jack Peacock. This is Mrs Peacock's former husband who was murdered in the Season 2 episode The Bolivian Connection. Jack Peacock was played by Lewis Collins who plays Colonel Mustard in this season.

    • Ruth Madoc, who plays Miss Terry, was best known as Gladys Pugh in the BBC comedy series Hi-de-Hi!

  • Quotes

    • Colonel Mustard: (his confession) Yes, I killed the obnoxious charlatan. Or was she a charlatan? The vicar and I were working our little pocket money scam with the help of a few hidden tape recorders and some hi-tech imagination. Miss Terry threatened to expose us, but in the end it was her revelations about Vivienne and I that signed her own death warrant. I couldn't allow her to upset Elizabeth, now, could I? I found the dagger quite by accident. It was just lying there, offering itself to me, and then I found Miss Terry like the proverbial sacrificial lamb sitting quietly behind the billiard room door. She was in a deep meditation. She didn't even hear the gunshot. It seemed as though she was in another world. And now... she is. Let's just call it divine intervention. You see, I managed to achieve what the vicar said he'd do. I rid the house of a demon.

    • Miss Terry: I am trying to make contact for Blanche White. No, this message isn't for you, Blanche. It's a young man, a gifted student. (her voice changes) I am here. I can see my tormentor. Yes, you, Plum. You. You stole my work and drove me to suicide.
      Professor Plum:That's a lie! It's all lies.
      Miss Terry: (her voice normal) And here is Jack Peacock. He wants to warn of a secret affair.
      Miss Scarlett: I've had enough of this! (gets up from table and leaves the room)
      Colonel Mustard: So have I.
      Professor Plum: You won't get away with this slander, woman. (gets up from table and leaves the room)
      Reverend Jonathan Green: I knew it would come to this. She's nothing but a scandal-monger!
      Miss Terry: Fine words from a crook. I will expose you. Oh, Mrs Peacock. There's so much coming through. There's a book to be written about this house. You and I could share the royalties. (rising from the table) And now I must find somewhere to meditate. I think we have a devastating night ahead of us!

    • Colonel Mustard: Look, Green, this woman is obviously a charlatan. Now it's your job to expose her.
      Reverend Jonathan Green: Oh, I don't know. I'm beginning to wonder.
      Colonel Mustard: Now, you listen to me. It's your job to save Mrs White's soul. Now you know what your Bible says about 'deliver us from evil'. Well, you get in there and deliver us from this woman of evil.

    • Colonel Mustard: Calm down. All she said was 'liaison'.
      Miss Scarlett: For God's sake, Mike, I don't know how, but that medium knows about us and the way she's carrying on, Elizabeth is going to find out.
      Colonel Mustard: So?
      Miss Scarlett: Mike, Miss Terry has to be stopped!

    • Miss Terry: Spirits of the ether, voices in the night, come to me, O friend and protector! I am trying to help our dear friend, Mrs White, but there are so many strange feelings coming through. I sense duplicity in this room. I see a secret liaison. There's more. I see old ladies being duped and swindled of their money.
      Reverend Jonathan Green: This is all rubbish!
      Miss Terry: There's somebody else coming through. A crucial messenger. Speak to me. Speak!
      (The wind blows the candles out. Mrs White screams and runs from the room; Miss Scarlett faints)
      Professor Plum: Be calm! Miss Terry, are you all right?
      Colonel Mustard: Reverend, see to Mrs White.
      Miss Terry: We must reconvene. Twenty minutes. Contact is made. A terrible secret will be revealed.

    • Miss Terry: Creatures of the night, I have arrived!
      Reverend Green: Good lord, who is it?
      Mrs Peacock: Ah, Miss Terry, I presume? Mrs White? Blanche, dear? Look, don't be alarmed, but I want you to meet Miss Terry. Professor Plum has heard that she has the most exceptional gift.
      Professor Plum: Psychic negotiation. She contacts the spirit who's causing all the problems and talks it out.

    • Professor Plum: (during cross-examination about the dagger) I remember it quite clearly because it was a carving of a woman with one eye and nostrils like a rocking horse, and it reminded me of my Auntie Wynne.

    • Mustard: Trust the Vicar, Mrs White. Don't you feel an aura of peace and serenity? (The door-bell rings, Mrs White jumps.)
      Vivienne Scarlett: Well, so much for serenity.

  • Notes

    • Winning team: Annabel Croft and Dickie Davies.

    • The six potential weapons are candlestick, cross and chain, gun, dagger, statuette and decanter.

    • The panellists: Annabel Croft was a television presenter and retired tennis player, Dickie Davies a sports presenter, Martin Lewis a television news reader and journalist, and Lorraine Kelly a host of the morning programme TV-AM.

    • Solution: Colonel Mustard with the dagger in the billiard room

  • Allusions

    • Colonel Mustard: Now you know what your Bible says about 'deliver us from evil'.

      'Deliver us from evil' forms part of the Lord's Prayer which can be found in the Gospel According to St Matthew, Chapter 6 Verse 13.