Cluedo - Season 3

ITV (ended 1993)


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  • Deadly Dowry
    Deadly Dowry
    Episode 6
    Miss Scarlett brings a young man, Clive Moxton, to Arlington Grange to meet everyone. Over dinner, Clive announces that he and Miss Scarlett are going to get married. It is soon revealed that Miss Scarlett owes Clive a lot of money and he is planning to marry her to get hold of her trust fund. However, the fund's trustees- Professor Plum and Mrs Peacock- have raided the fund and are fearful of discovery as the fund reverts to Miss Scarlett on the event of her marriage. Clive has also threatened to expose the Reverend Green as a card sharp. Add to that Mrs White's protective nature and Colonel Mustard's jealousy and it's little surprise that Clive Moxton doesn't live through the night. But who dealt the fatal blow?moreless
  • Blackmail and the Fourth Estate
    This week's murder victim is David Stringer, a visiting author who was a smidgeon too curious about Arlington Grange and its denizens and offended most of them.
  • And Then There Were Nuns
    Sister Concepta, a nun visiting Arlington Grange, has come up with a claim that the property rightfully belongs to her. And then she goes on rather suddenly to meet her maker. Not surprisingly, there is at least one clear motive for the killing of Sister Concepta - with a spear, a shotgun, a cake knife, a parasol, a paperweight, or, just conceivably, a corkscrew.


  • Murder In Merrie England
    Multi-millionaire European tycoon Max Gold has ambitious plans for Arlington Grange- to turn it into a British-themed amusement park- and is working on getting Mrs Peacock to sell the Grange to him. This does not sit well with the other residents of the house and- unsurprisingly- Max Gold is killed... but by whom? And was it with a mallet, a stocking, an arrow, a fossil, a meat cleaver, or a poker?moreless
  • Scared To Death
    Scared To Death
    Episode 2
    A Welsh psychic medium, Miss Terry, is summoned to Arlington Grange to rid it of evil spirits. She is perhaps not quite the real thing, and one of the regulars quickly sends her on a permanent visit to the Other Side.
  • A-Hunting We Will Go
    On the day the local hunt meets at Arlington Grange, a strange young hunt saboteur, Gordon Ferrar, arrives at the Grange with injuries - but very soon he is suffering no more. In looking into his death, it turns out that Ferrar was not quite unknown to some of the regulars. Elizabeth Peacock had lost her horse, Phantom, in a road accident caused by Ferrar's hunt protesters. Vivienne Scarlett had once had an affair with Ferrar - Mustard was jealous of him, and had beaten him up. And Vivienne wanted to keep her secrets. Meanwhile, Ferrar had claimed to have a video of Professor Peter Plum feeding a live fox cub to the hounds, which would have damaged his reputation.moreless
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