Season 4 Episode 2

Seven Deadly Sinners

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 1993 on ITV
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Seven Deadly Sinners
Sir Nigel Hussey visits the Grange and magnificently lives up to his name, but he expires less elegantly. The possible weapons lying around the house are: Flame thrower, G-string, Golf Club, Snake, Crossbow and Pistol.

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    Jerry Hall

    Jerry Hall

    Miss Vivienne Scarlet #5

    Joanna Lumley

    Joanna Lumley

    Mrs Elizabeth Peacock #5

    John Bird

    John Bird

    Professor Peter Plum #5

    Leslie Grantham

    Leslie Grantham

    Colonel Michael Mustard #5

    Liz Smith

    Liz Smith

    Mrs Blanche White #5

    Nicholas Parsons

    Nicholas Parsons

    Reverend Jonathan Green #5

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • List of Suggestions:

        Team 1 - Professor Plum with the G-String in the Kitchen (2)
        Team 2 - Mrs Peacock with the Crossbow in the Drawing Room (0)

        Team 2 - Colonel Mustard with the Pistol in the Drawing Room (1)
        Team 1 - Professor Plum with the Pistol in the Kitchen (1)

        Team 2 - Colonel Mustard with the G-String in the Kitchen (3)

      • The body is found by Professor Plum.

      • Guest star Ian McNeice appeared in The Russia House and Cry Freedom, and would go on to appear in a television adaptation of Dune and as a newsreader in Rome.

    • QUOTES (8)

      • Colonel Mustard: (his confession) All my life I've been frightened by men like Sir Nigel Hussey. Fat loud inhuman men, pig-men, oinkers. Oinking great slobby dollops who think they know everything and own everything. I was bullied by them, made to look stupid, thick and scared. But not any more. Oh no. No more fat schoolboy singing 'minky manky Mustard whose belly's as yellow as custard'. Look who's laughing now. It's not old squealer Hussey who leered at poor Vivienne. No, it's Mustard! You should thank me. Believe me, Sir Nigel Hussey was a very dangerous lump of lard.

      • Dermot Murnaghan: Are you romantically linked in any way shape or form with Colonel Mustard?
        Miss Scarlett: Yes.
        Richard Madeley: In what way, shape or form?
        Miss Scarlett: Well, I don't see why I have to give you all the details. Do I?
        Richard Madeley: We're in England. A simple yes will suffice.

      • Liz Kershaw: Did MI5 train you to garotte people with knicker elastic?
        Colonel Mustard: No, they certainly didn't. Not with knicker elastic. But, as Sir Nigel said, I was a pretty inept sort of spy, so I don't think I garotted anyone.
        Richard Madeley: But you were trained to garotte?
        Colonel Mustard: Yes, I suppose you could say I was. Yes.
        Liz Kershaw: Would knicker elastic stand up to the tension?
        Colonel Mustard: I'm actually not an expert in knicker elastic.

      • Dermot Murnaghan: This was a very serious crime, yet when you found the body, as you did, you seemed to show no emotion whatsoever. Indeed, it took you quite a while to mention it to Mrs White.
        Professor Plum: Well, he was only a cabinet minister.

      • Professor Plum: Do-it-yourself cremations! That's what I could do with the Barb-o-blaster if it doesn't work out for picnics.
        Mrs White: Why, Professor, what an ugly idea! Whatever made you think of that?
        Professor Plum: That... that dead chap.
        Mrs White: What chap?
        Professor Plum: Well, you know, what's his name... that Sir Nigel fellow.

      • Reverend Jonathan Green: It's just that, having put in all my money, it would be rather nice to have something in writing, you know.
        Sir Nigel Hussey: Your money?
        Reverend Jonathan Green: Well, you know that it wasn't my money. It was the roof restoration fund, actually, and the diocese treasury reserve.
        Sir Nigel Hussey: I'm sorry, Reverend, I haven't got the faintest idea what you're talking about.

      • Sir Nigel Hussey: Dear oh dear, Double-O Mustard, just as yellow as ever.
        Colonel Mustard: Brigadier Hussey!
        Sir Nigel Hussey: Sir Nigel Hussey now, old boy. God, you were the worst spy we ever trained at MI5. Drop you in Estonia with forged papers and tell you to infiltrate the Red Army, and you end up being arrested by a tram conductor! Just you wait till I tell the ladies about this!

      • Mrs Peacock: But Peacocks have lived in this house for generations. My great-great-grandfather planted the woods around this estate. Surely you can block planning permission? Surely you must!
        Sir Nigel Hussey: The times, they are a-changing, Mrs Peacock. Neither you nor the government can afford to live in the past. Accept that Sin City - the pleasure park of the Nineties - is to be built on your doorstep.
        Mrs Peacock: Over my dead body!

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