Season 2 Episode 6

The Bolivian Connection

Aired Unknown Jun 05, 1991 on ITV
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The Bolivian Connection
After an adventurous life, the long-lost Jack Peacock, the heir to the Arlington Grange estate, turns up unexpectedly from Bolivia - but not for long. His return would have meant that Elizabeth Peacock stood to lose everything, and Vivienne Scarlett her inheritance, so his death is lucky for both of them. But others will profit, too. Colonel Mustard was about to marry Elizabeth, but she called off the wedding on Jack's appearance. Green stood to lose a new £15,000 altar screen, promised for the wedding - and he had already paid for it. Professor Plum was part of the medical project team which sent Jack out to Bolivia in the first place - they have a history. So who killed the prodigal Peacock?moreless

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    Chris Tarrant

    Chris Tarrant

    Presenter (1991)

    David McCallum

    David McCallum

    Professor Peter Plum #3

    Koo Stark

    Koo Stark

    Miss Vivienne Scarlet #3

    Michael Jayston

    Michael Jayston

    Colonel Michael Mustard #3

    Mollie Sugden

    Mollie Sugden

    Mrs Blanche White #3

    Richard Wilson (III)

    Richard Wilson (III)

    Reverend Jonathan Green #3

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • List Of Suggestions:

        Team 1: Professor Plum with the Funeral Urn in the Billiard Room (2)
        Team 2: Reverend Green with the Scarf in the Library (0)

        Team 1: Professor Plum with the Paperweight in the Billiard Room (1)
        Team 2: Professor Plum with the Funeral Urn in the Library (2)

        Team 1: Professor Plum with the Funeral Urn in the Drawing Room (3)

      • The body is found by Miss Scarlett.

    • QUOTES (14)

      • Professor Plum: (his confession) I didn't mean to kill him. It just sort of... happened. Jack took me into the drawing-room and then he took the urn down off the plinth - the urn that contained his so-called remains - and then he tipped the contents out onto the table. In among what looked like ash was a plastic bag of the drug, and as he sat there examining it, I realized that I didn't have to share the discovery with him or anyone else. So I picked up the urn and I... The wonder drug turned out to be soluble aspirin, no doubt stolen by Indians from careless missionaries.

      • Judy Finnegan: Is there something about that so-called wonder drug which apparently did nothing less innocuous than cure the common cold that you'd rather people didn't know?
        Professor Plum: I mean... it was something that was going to cure the common cold. Have you any idea of the financial implications? If someone had a drug that would cure the common cold, you could make... millions and millions.
        Richard Madeley: But Professor Plum, we all know about Bolivia and the narcotics connection. Did it not cross your mind that perhaps there might be some aspect of that to this?
        Professor Plum: Never.

      • Richard Madeley: Mrs Peacock, now, Peta, who Jack mentioned. Now, Peta can also be a woman's name, can't it? Peta can be spelt P-E-T-A.
        Mrs Peacock: Peta?
        Richard Madeley: Yes. Peta was the name that Jack mentioned to you. He said Peta would make a good replacement...
        Mrs Peacock: No, no, no. He said Pepita.
        Richard Madeley: Pepita?
        Mrs Peacock: Yes, some nasty little... whore he'd picked up in Bolivia.

      • Keith Chegwin: Were you marrying Mrs Peacock for the money?
        Colonel Mustard: What an utterly cynical suggestion. I might as well ask the same about you!

      • Colonel Mustard: Listen to me, Elizabeth. We can still make it work.
        Mrs Peacock: Darling, there's no way that we can get married now. We both need money to survive. Of course, if you had any income at all...
        Colonel Mustard: But I love you. Does that count for nothing?
        Mrs Peacock: It's not enough for me, Mike. There are richer fish in the sea, and I intend to catch one.

      • Professor Plum: What will you do, Elizabeth?
        Mrs Peacock: I have a few ideas... (she stabs a knife into the wedding cake)

      • Professor Plum: A young South American student of mine claimed to have discovered a new wonder drug in the Bolivian jungle, a cure for the common cold. The financial implications were staggering, so we thought we'd investigate. Jack went on ahead. A month later, he disappeared, and the expedition collapsed. I lost everything: money, reputation...

      • (Jack Peacock, Mrs Peacock's second husband, believed to be dead, has come home, thus putting a stop to Mrs Peacock's and Colonel Mustard's planned wedding)
        Colonel Mustard: You died in Bolvia. Those are your ashes on the plinth
        Jack Peacock: Really? (goes up to the urn) Oh, I thought you could have run to something better than this, Elizabeth!
        Mrs Peacock: Why didn't you tell me you were still alive?
        Jack Peacock: Oh, well, you see, the authorities in Bolviva can get very heavy-handed with people they don't like, so it was healthier for me to, how should I say, disappear for a while.
        Mrs Peacock: I grieved for you for three solid years!
        Jack Peacock: Darling, the only grieving you ever did was when you spilt red wine on your arctic fox.
        Colonel Mustard: But why today, of all days?
        Jack Peacock: I'd have thought that was obvious. To save you from a terrible mistake.

      • Green: If anyone can show any just cause why these two people should not be joined together, let him speak now, or for ever after hold his peace.
        Jack Peacock: This whole thing's a farce!
        Elizabeth Peacock: Jack! Oh no!

      • Tarrant: (to Chegwin) Let's go through your thought processes, Keith. It shouldn't take long.

      • Jack Peacock: It's too bad you have to lose all this.
        Vivienne Scarlett: (seductively) Maybe I don't have to... we've always got along well, you and I, common enemy and all. Maybe we could come to some sort of agreement?
        Jack Peacock: Don't be silly, I've given your stepmother ammunition in court.
        Vivienne Scarlett: (taking gun out of Jack's pocket) Speaking of ammunition do you always carry a gun?
        Jack Peacock: Old habits die hard.
        Vivienne Scarlett: May I see?
        Jack Peacock: What's mine's me own!

      • Vivienne Scarlett: I don't know how to tell you this, Mother, but Jack appears to be dead. Stone dead.

      • Keith Chegwin: (to Scarlett, about the body she found) What was he actually suffering from?
        Tarrant Death.

      • Maggie Philbin: Wait! I have a question. Do I have to be on his team?
        Tarrant: Yes, you have to be on your husband's team. Next question.

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