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Based on the 1995 hit film of the same name, Clueless is a popular half-hour American sitcom. The show aired for three seasons between 1996 and 1999. Clueless began life as part of ABC's popular 'TGIF' strand, but after it had finished it's first run, the network decided to cancel the series. It was a decision they would later regret, when it's re-runs proved a huge ratings winner, even competing with the incredibly successful Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Rival network UPN promptly capitalized on ABC's mistake, and the series found a new home where it aired for two further seasons. In a change to the movie, Rachel Blanchard plays the well natured and complicated, yet, as the shows title suggests, clueless teen soul Cher Horowitz. But many of the movie's cast return to reprise their characters, including Stacey Dash as Cher's sexy, confident and sassy friend Dionne Davenport. Set in the wealthiest parts of Beverley Hills, the show profiled the many loves and lives of Cher and her friends, all equally as rich, pretty and charming as her - all, that is, but the rude and self obsessed Amber Mariens (Elisa Donovan). Without her mother around, young Cher must travel through the trickiest times - those oh-so awkward teenage years - with the guidance of only her friends and father (Michael Lerner, Doug Sheehan). Joining her on her journey, are Murray Duvall (Donald Adeosun Faison) and Sean Holliday (Sean Holland) who more often than not, find themselves getting into trouble, not doing enough to help or generally just getting it very wrong. As the show developed, and the character's developed, the writing changed. From the relaxed, confident and slow pace of the first season, to the quick, sassy, off-the-cusp and celebrity-reference filled style of the second and third seasons, enter to a new and faster style of editing for the final two seasons with some hillariously well-timed sound effects and musical scores that complimented the jokes with style. Despite all it's good points, Clueless fell victim to the UPN axe and was cancelled in 1999. But the show has now gone into syndication across the world to a brilliant response, most notably from the United Kingdom and the USA. Clueless - one of the late great teen-orientated sitcoms of the '90s. When Can I See Clueless? If you're in the US, you can watch complete re-runs of all three seasons on The-N, Monday Through Thursday at 8pm & 11pm. Fans in the UK can see the show on Digital Satellite Network Trouble, Moday to Friday at 18.00 and 22:20. She Is Literally A Polaroid of Perfection She Has Everything And She'll Give It To You In A Second Looks Can Deceive She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve She'll Steal You Away And Not Just For One Day Everyday Is An Ordinary Day In Her World She's An Ordinary Girl Help Get "Clueless" On DVD! moreless
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    • I love the fashion!

      And which fashionista wouldn't? The houses were large, the love stories were just what girls were drawn to as viewers. To me, Dee drew me in as a character because she was stronger and her voice was clearer to hear. Cher was a daydreamer and I loved how she dressed versus Dee. The males were pretty good actors too... and this was just the fashion show of the 90's in general.moreless
    • Based on the 1995 hit film of the same name, Clueless is a popular half-hour American sitcom. The show aired for three seasons between 1996 and 1999.

      When I first know about this series on television I didn't really watch the series until I watch an episode and find it interesting so I went looking for the others and continue to watch the new ones. It funny, heart felt, drama, romance and fun all mixed in together to create a good series. To anyone who think they might be interest in seeing this series you should try to find it and see if you like the series. I am glad I was able to see this series when it was airing on television. Good lucky at finding the series for those looking for it.moreless
    • Based on the hit 1995 movie haha great

      this was a great show Based on the hit 1995 movie

      teenegers goping throgh the ups and downs of life with friendships love family anything you could ever thing was in this show it had an awesome cast young people sdome witch are from the movie my favorite was dee shes so out there and has this great raputayon and the show hahah

      she is litorrey the Plolary of safection she has Everything and she'll give it to in a secound look can it be she has her heart in her what it wait not just one day in her worldmoreless
    • The best teen comedy, the same name of the 1995 teen film, of the mid-late 1990's to watch.

      I was a fan of the show since the show started. I was fifteen years old, when the show started. I was eighteen years old, when it was cancelled after three seasons. I remember when it lasted one season on ABC, part of the TGIF Lineup ten years ago, when it started. The show was moved to UPN for two seasons on the Tuesdays at 9pm timeslot up against ABC's "Soul Man", CBS's "JAG", and NBC's "Mad About You". It was moved to Tuesdays at 8:30 timeslot up against ABC's "The Hughleys", CBS's "JAG", Fox's "Costello", NBC's "Encore! Encore!" and The WB's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". The show failed to compete against the other shows and was finally cancelled in 1999.moreless
    • Clueless is a fantastic sitcom.I really like it, it's my 4th all-time favorite sitcom.

      For many people Clueless is a very stupid sitcom if they never watched a full episode.Because it may sound clueless but in every single episode there's a life value that is beautiful.

      I started watching clueless when i was about 6 years old until i was 13 (almost 14).

      I would love to watch it again, does any body know where can i buy the episodes or watch it from the internet?

      If you do please let me know.

      My mail is

      So remember that something that just seems or looks clueless it doesn't mean that it is.

      Clueless is so cool

      Bing it on dvd

      P.s im going to start a petition to bring it on dvd.


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    Satire, gossiping teens, rich kids with problems, pressures of high school, pop culture references