Season 1 Episode 4

Do We with Bad Haircuts Not Feel?

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cher falls for new boy Harrison and the two become an item. Everything in the relationship is great, and Cher's new love interest is popular with her friends because of his Father's job in a Record Company which leads to free music gigs for the gang. Meanwhile, Travis' feelings for Cher are growing and he plucks up the courage to sit and talk with her at lunch break. He talks with her about the 'stages of death' that people go through when facing death. Murray and Shawn are not impressed. Back at her house, Cher discusses the upcoming summer prom with Dionne and Amber. The two urge her to go for a new haircut after she presents them with the dress she wants to wear. But upon arriving at the salon, Cher is dissapointed to discover her usual stylist Taki is no longer cutting hair - she wants to be a colourist. However, she does mention Cher to hot celebrity stylist of the moment Ka-Feen.

Back at school, Cher's appointment with Ka-Feen causes much annoyance for Amber who had been trying to get an appointment with him for months. Even superstar model Veronia Webb phones Cher and tells her what an excellent stylist Ka-Feen is. But when the cut is finally done, the results are disasterous. Trying to make the best of a bad situation, but with the response from her peers a negative one, Cher quickly realises that she is 'staging' as Travis explained the day before.

Meanwhile, strange notes continue to find thier way to Cher and she is even sent a Cuddly Toy from a secret admirer. After studying Shakespeare in class, and recognising the great writer's words with the notes she had been recieving, Cher soon puts two and two together and realises her secret admirer was Travis all along. In the end, her hair goes 'out of shock' and is fine. Cher goes to the Summer Prom with Travis and enjoys the evening of her life. Ex-Boyfriend Harrison is quickly forgotten.